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rajendra p, 16 October 2010 19:05

My mother is suffering from Tinnitus in her left Ear since 2- 1/2 years heard diffrent types of sounds like ringing,generator etc.during the day only she will not be disturbed in night while she sleep peacefully in night we had approched many ENT doctors but no result at all now a days we have purchsed digital hearing aid which cost of Rs.6000/- but no relief she also suffering Thyroid long time taking alopathy medicine regularly she is 71 years old I believe in your medicine please suggest or advice to relief tinnitus & Thyroid i can purchased from your branch at Link Road Andheri(West) please help to my mother its my request for immediate reply to me by mail to :ra******@sabgroup.in Regards, Rajendra Pandya

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, As you are suffering from tinnitus, you need to understand various reasons for the same. This might be due to immense stress and due to lack of essential nutrition and vitamins and minerals, nerves may become weak. There may be degenerative changes which may happen quickly along with hearing impairment. Degeneration of nerves in inner ear, and hair cells of cochlear apparatus (located in inner ear), prolonged exposure to louder noise, maybe because of city life where sound pollution levels are higher.

As of now, if she is managing with day to activities, and to minimize tinnitus problem you can start with simple medications such as Chandraprabha Vati, Sarivadi vati, and Shilajit Rasayana Vati one-one tablet after food, twice daily and Amalaki Rasayana as rejuvenator.

There are some simple modifications which you can adopt for nullifying tinnitus like playing soft music most of the time when you are at home and gives relaxation feeling.

Meanwhile food wise you can give nutritious diet and if you are in mixed diet, you can have goat leg soup which is also helpful in your condition.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 26 June 2015 18:06

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Dear sir,

Sub: Low hearing problem in both ears.

I have been suffering from Low hearing problem in both ears and also tinnitus over 9 years.

I had consulted to hearing speacial and gone under hearing test found that Left ear loss of 65%, right 45% "WEAK auditory nerves".

Finally speacialist has advised to wear hearing aid.

But I am not wearing it yet. Beacause Im 35 years old it looks awkward at work and family too.

So, Im.looking for herbal remedy which would enhance my hearing and prevent hearing loss.

Please advice in detail.

Best regards,


posted by Guest on 21 June 2015 1:03

Hello sir,

In your mother’s case tinnitus is due to ageing and due to history of thyroid complaint where there will be impact on nervous system connecting to inner ear and if there is any complaint related with cochlear apparatus of inner ear.

There are other causes such as infections, wax, head injury, certain medications, middle ear infection, Meniere's disease are some of the contributing factors of tinnitus.

As a result of tinnitus, apart from losing on sleep, the affected person also fails to concentrate on work.

Tinnitus may also occur due to nutritional deficiency and general debility, even that may be the reason in your mother and proper root cause has to be evaluated.

It is advisable to avoid saturated fats, processed foods, sugar and salts, coffee, excess tea etc.

Include lots of fruits and vegetables, garlic, kelp and sea vegetables in your diet. Chewing dry fruits helps enhance the blood circulation and prevents tinnitus.

Consuming protein rich food and vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, zinc and choline and have lots of fresh pineapple for reducing inflammation.

Sarivadi Vati is useful medicine.

For more details, you can contact us.

With regards,


posted by Dr.Vijay on 16 October 2010 23:28
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