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duke216, 19 May 2017 11:18

I want to know which patanjali product will be best for digestion, I am 20 year old male. my body weight is 53. kg and hieght is 5'8" . I think My digestion system is not working well, I have tried patanjali sodhit harad , Hing. goli, chatpata Amala. I will be great full if you can suggest me suitable patanjali product .

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, In ayurveda,jatargani that is digestive fire is considered as life sustaining element. Tridosha imbalance leads to alteration of jatragni leading to indigestion. Incomplete digestion of food leads to the malabsorption of nutrients in intestine hence weight loss occur. Following ayurvedic medicines should be taken for 15 days then reviewed- 1.Agnitundi vati- 1 tablet thrice a day after meals with luke warm water. 2.Hingvasthak churan- 1 tablespoon thrice a day with luke warm water should be taken before meals 3.Vatkulatak ras- 2 tablet twice a day with luke warm water after meals should be taken. 4.lashunadi vati- 1 tablet thrice a day before meals with luke warm water. 5.chitrakadi vati- 1 tablet thrice a day before meals with luke warm water. 6.Kam dusha ras- 250mg with luke warm water before meals twice a day in case of acidity. In panchkarma anuvasana basti with abhyaristha and triphala kwath alternatively followed by asthapana basti with erand mooladi tailum should be administered to strengthen the digestive system. Yogic exercises like sarvangasan,halasan,gomukhasan, vajrasan should be done to massage the digestive organs and produce ample amount of digestive juices.

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posted by Dr.Kanika on 22 May 2017 0:25

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