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Acidity and Fatty liver this question feed

nilratan, 6 July 2013 12:42

My age is 35 years, Male, I am suffering from acidity problem for about 12 years; and now I am went for liver function test and it is found that my liver has been slightly enlarge with fat, at the same time Billirubin is found high i.e. 1.21. Babaji can you suggest me best medicine as well as yoga for it's. I am taking antacid pill every day morning since 2001.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


the causes of acidity could be due to stress/ bad eating habits/ Imbalanced agni- digestive fire/some infection etc.

you need to avoid these causes,by avoiding stress as stress causes the over stimulation of vagus nerve which help secrete acid in the stomach.

Also eat only 2/3 of the capacity so that stomach does not have to produce extra acid to digest that,and also it will enhance the digestion power.

also you may take amlant,Hyperacidity ayurvedic medicine with some luke warm water before meals.

Also yoga like bhujangasana,anuloma viloma,pavanmuktasana, sheetali pranayam etc. will help you a lot.

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posted by Dr.Sharma on 8 July 2013 15:31

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iam suffering from GERD and DISPAPSIA from 2.5 years.feel buring and pain in upper stometch,chest,througt,sour taste of mounth with heavy gastric problem,every time stomatch is bloting like football,feeling of gas pain in chest right side and backbone side,and hedache,i have taken allopathy,homeopathy,aurvedic medicine what not get permanent coure. pls. suggest me the best medicine. thanks

posted by Guest on 8 December 2015 18:05
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