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guest05, 22 September 2018 20:46

Am 35years F, i always had heavy (clots) and prolonged bleeding initially my gyno didn't know what my problem was so she told me I had pcod she however put me on 21day pills(dronis) i continued taking this for 9years but I got tired and stopped medication after which I didn't get period for 3months but when I got it i bleed for 45days heavy clots (medication of 'pause tab' didn't help either so took injections to stop bleeding) my blood count came down to 6-7 due to which I had to undergo blood transfusion. 1year later i stopped this pill again and faced similar issue but this time my endometrium lining was so thick i underwent a d&c (bleeding stopped). I didn't dare to stop my 21day pills after these incidents and have been on it again for another 4years during when I got married. But Since past 1.5years we have been TTC so we approached a gyno and she diagnosed me with endometrium cyst and adenomyosis (Looked like i always had this problem). in Nov 2017 i underwent laparoscopy but due to the wrong guidance of dr. (She asked us not to have sex for 6months) I couldn't conceive. I was looking for IVF option and during the Ultrasound scan the dr tells me my uterus shape is not proper and that the walls are not uniform due to which the ( IVF) embryo may not attach to my uterus.

Fathers family: i have 1 aunt who don't have kids and 1 cousin who conceived after 10years of trying with help of yoga in her 3rd IVF attempt. No history of diabetes, BP or other health issues. Mothers family: just 1uncle with diabetes everyone else healthy and very fertile with no other health issues.

I lead a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise. Weight 90kgs, height 5.7inc no other health issues thyroid nil, eat 3meals + snacks. Easily gains weight and very difficult to lose weight even with rigorous exercise and controlled diet.

I want to know if my condition can be treated and I could conceive naturally with help of Ayurveda and yoga as am anxious to conceive, if yes what is the way ahead please help. Thanks

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