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Agoarafobia and mental disorder this question feed

javedpjn1, 31 August 2013 18:55

age-29 male agoarafoabia forgetfullness drowsiness concentration weak, negative thinking, social anxiety disorder, inferiority complex etc. from 10 years alopathy medications taking from last 9 years. sleep better, all other points are better normal.

Tags: Agoraphobia, Mental
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


all the above complaints or the feeling experienced by you may be tackled by Transcendental meditation technique ,which is effort less and no real bondage or following or diet rules etc. There is enough research data available supporting that it lessen anxiety disorder etc. You may learn the above said technique and you will experience a lot better feeling and stable mind,improving concentration etc.

Also ayurvedic panchkarma technique will be very useful for you like Shirodhara, it will have unseen benefit for your health.

Preparation of ashwagandha like Ashwangandha ghrit will help develop confidence.

Asnas like Veerasana will help develop confidence.

best of luck

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posted by Dr.Sharma on 2 September 2013 21:23

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