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Amla murabba or amla churna is best for weight loose? this question feed

nunupari, 3 April 2013 12:08

I Am 26 year old married girl. I was suffering from hormonal imbalance so i have progesterone tablets for last 4 months now from last month 9 march me and my husband have started yoga including 7 pranayaam's(kapaalbhati,bahya pranayaam and anulom vilom etc),micro exercise's and 7 asan's to weight loose. after that i haven't got down..its 1.5 month now. i am not pregnant. can yoga effects menstrual periods? also i want to know amla churna is good or amla murabba is better to take in morning for weight loose? or amla murabba have sugar in excess so it will increse my weight?

Tags: Amla, Churna, Loose, Weight
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Yes, yoga will bring a change in the working of your body system which inturn is expected to affect your menstrual problem as well.

It is nice to hear that you have lost 3 kgs in a month. This is the best method in losing weight. Many patients do not know the fact that a sudden weight loss can lead to conditions such as gall stones with ease which is miserable.

You can have the following medicines which is given below. These are available for purchase from our online store.

  • Divya Medohar vati - This is a patent ayurvedic medicine which has found result in several patients in losing weight. It shall be taken at a dosage of 1 tab twice daily after food preferably with milk.

  • Triphala Churna- This is a classical ayurvedic medicine which is available in powder form. It shall be taken at a dosage of 1 tsp with warm water twice daily. It shall preferably be taken an hour before food.

Too much diet restriction is not advisable. You have to consume enough protein for the proper functioning of your body. Avoid oily and fast foods as much as possible.

Pls. visit our store for Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines
posted by Dr.Sony on 3 June 2014 10:34

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Hi what should i d to remove PCO as last year i took metamorphim & harmoni F and gained weighed so i quit can you suggest natural products & let me know as i will be getting married next year (2017)

posted by Guest on 22 September 2016 17:00

doc , thnkx for ur advise. but i am in hongkong...triphla churna and aloe vera juice are not available here.. thts why only i have started yoga of 1 hour as per Baba Ramdev's "yoga for Obesity" program... i take 600 ml lukewarm water daily morning. thn yoga and i dont eat outside food and maida, cheese,butter and oily food. kindly suggest me easiest way to loose weight. my height is 5.6" and weight is 63.8 kg now. i have lost 3 kg in last 1 month through this yoga. waiting for ur suggestions :)

posted by Guest on 8 April 2013 13:57

Dear Guest

Menses may have been effected due to progesterone tabs, you may consult your doctor to know more about it,

Also Yoga asnas effect like that have never been reported ,although it may happen . What you can do here is stop the kind of pranayam in which there is some Bandha involved and if there are any leg raising Asna you are doing.

Amla murraba or Amla churna may not help you loose weight ,infact if you want to have some effect like that then you can start with triphala juice, with Aloe vera juice.

Once the problem of menses is over then you can write back to us for further management of weight.

best of lck.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 5 April 2013 16:43
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