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ayurved_herbal, 1 February 2014 18:45

What are the uses and benefits of Anu tail? also mention ingredients, side effects, reviews & medicinal properties?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Dear Mr. Yogeshwar,

Tinnitus may originate from various parts of ear like External ear, middle ear, inner ear and at brain level too. There are some associated symptoms with tinnitus such as stress, anxiety, depression, ear pain, sleeping difficulty, difficulty in concentration etc depending on the site involved. Depending up on the age and other factors the severity of tinnitus may vary.

If you are having this tinnitus continuously, then a detailed study has to be conducted, some tests etc will help to find out the root case, like involvement of other causes like temperomandibular joint problem, nerve cause, Meniere's disease, etc can be ruled out.

You can start with some medications that helps to restore your health such as Diva Sarivadi Vati, Shilajeet Rasayana Vati, Chandraprabha Vati are indicated and you can use Anu Thailam as Nasyam and Bilva Thailam as Karnapuranam.

You can practice yoga and pranayama, you can practice Suryanmasakara, Sarvangasana, Baddakonasana, Trikonasana,, Vajrasana, Padmasana are indicated along with Anulomaviloma Pranayama, Bramari Pranayama which are indicated for tinnitus.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 28 June 2015 10:09

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Dear Sir

Please help me in TINNITUS Ear problem any medicine and oil to be used , I have stareted Ayurdeda Bhilav Tailam and Anu Tail... Suffering from one month..

thanks & regards Yogeshwar

posted by Guest on 23 June 2015 17:03


Anuthaila is a classical ayurvedic medicine which is seen helpful in the treatment of upper respiratory tract disorders. It is in oil form and is meant to be applied in droplets over nostril.

The chief ingredients which are present in this oil are sesame oil, viteverria zizanoidids, cyperus rotundus, desmodium gangeticum and aegle marmelos. They are believed to bring all phlegm out from the blocks and clear the respiratory system.

It is chiefly used in performing a panchakarma therapy which is nasya.It helps in improving sense of smell, clears sinuses and strengthens voice. It is seen to be helpful in getting relief from stiff neck. It has found good result in healing migraine and sinusitis. Ayurvedic classical books claim that they prevent conditions such as facial paralysis, baldness and early graying of hair.

posted by Dr.Sony on 5 February 2014 22:51

Anu thailam is commonly used for nasal medication in Ayurvedic medicine which is good for disorders above the shoulders.

It contains many herbs including jivanti, devadaru, jalada, sevya, darvi, vilva, jala, tvak, surabhi, pundrahva, plava, kinjalka and goat's milk in which the herbs are nourishing in nature.

It is used to treat migraines, sinusitis- not when it is full of phlegm, improve vision, for healthy teeth and gums.

It is used in cosmetic purpose for the growth of hairs, improve complexion and reduce the scars.

It is thus used in prophylactic care. Nasya is done by instilling 2drops of Anu thailam in each nostril after applying oil in the face and a steam inhalation.

It has no side effects, sometimes there will be a mild irritation in the throat which will go away after you gargle some warm water if needed.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 2 February 2014 2:55
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