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Anxiety and stomach ache this question feed

Darsha, 19 July 2018 19:38

I am 30 year old female, suffering continuous anxiety, over thinking and because of which I am having indigestion, gastric problems and upper abdominal ache, hair loss, with continued weight loss.. Ayurvedic medicine to treat all my problems and make me energitic

Tags: Anxiety, Indigestion
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Anxiety or stress affects the digestion and especially unhealthy foods trigger the symptoms. Having good rest, proper sleep, healthy food and drinking enough water will beneficial. Please take the medicines for a month and I shall guide you based on the response to the medicines.

Ayurvedic medicines like Sarasvata aristam - 20ml after food thrice daily, Agastya rasayanam - 1tsp before food twice daily and Brahmi capsules - one capsule twice daily after food can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

As the anxiety reduces, the digestion will also improve. Eating at proper timings will help to gradually improve the metabolism and thereby will help to nourish the tissues.

Include ginger, avocados, garlic, spinach, turmeric, cinnamon and turmeric. Reduce excess canned foods, caffeine, cold refrigerated foods, refined flour, oil, sugar and salt. Regular exercise and healthy food will be beneficial to increase the physical and psychological well-being. Counselling, hobbies and listening music will be beneficial.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 10 August 2018 14:05

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