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Avipattikar churn is best or not for acidity this question feed

sachindevare113, 5 May 2013 15:30

Dear Sir, i have a problem of acidity and pitt dosh. so, if i take the avipattikar churn for 2-3 month then it is better for me, but i have also problem of body heat and in avipattikar churn lavang is used so the so the next question is lavang is increase the body heat.

Tags: Acidity, Avipattikar, Ayurvedic medicines for acidity
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


if you feel that there is pitta dosha problem with you then you may observe all the regime which pertain to pitta.

Avipattikar churna will be good for you every now and then , as it helps Pitta puragate out of the system

Lavang is a balancing herb ,which is for digestion and etc, and percentage is reletively low so,there may be no Pitta aggravation with that. As Nishotha is the one putting Pitta out.

YOU may also do Sheetali pranayam.

avoid moving too much in sun and wind in hot summer.

good luck

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posted by Dr.Sharma on 6 May 2013 14:33

Latest Replies

meri umar 30 saal hai mujhe 6 mahina se sugar problem hua hai.aur june 2014 mei sonography karwaya tha to pata chala ki liver mei fat hua hai lekin zada nahi.mei ek saal se pranayam bhi zari rakhi hu.lekin mujhe 1 saal se gas acidity ka problem ho raha hai.kahana khane ke baad bhi bhuk jaisa lagta hai.aur aisa lagta hai ki chest mei kuch jam hai aur gale mei kuch atka hua sa bhi lagta bhi utna saaf nahi hota ek bar mei.kripya kuch ayurvedic dawai ka upchar bataye taki problem ka samadhan ho jaye.agar ho sake to apna contact number de.taki hum apni samasya aur acche se bata saku.Dhanyabad.

posted by Guest on 26 December 2014 22:53
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asked by manoj_baloni20 on 21 February 2011 13:49
Dear Guruji, I am suffring form acidity and pain in just right leg from reght testicle area to right thai. I have consult many allopathic doctors, they give me Multi vitamin cap (mecobolamin based), mythilacobolamin and pottassium based tab but till now relief. Pl suggest me on baove that what can i do. Pl reply soon, Thanks, Manoj BALONI Mob:... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Due to your acidity compliant, probably you may be suffering from malnutrition or nutritional deficiency and you may not be getting adequate nutrition. So, it is better to control or cure acidity. You need to eat food according to timing and chew the food properly which is important. Avoid consuming spicy foods and oily foods that may aggravate the acidity or hyperacidity. Do not skip.. Read more

Herbal cure for gas / acidity problem

asked by herbalfinder on 29 April 2010 13:56
Sir, my father is suffering from severe gas / acidity trouble since last 1 year. Beacuse of gas problem he don't eat any food, so he is very weak and is unable to walk. All checkups have done by doctors, found ok. So please suugest me some solution of this problem as soon as possible. Is there any herbal cure or ayurvedic medicine for curing gas and acidity problem.... Read More
YogaGuru Says:- First of all he should quit junk food like pizza and avoid oily food if taking. 12 years boy if having acidity like issues indicates definitely something wrong with the diet. He can do mild Pranayama exercises after referring to expert. Kabalbhati pranayama is very good for stomach related problems and also good in general He should consume fiber reach food and salads which reduces acidity... Read more

Acidity & heartburn

asked by ChappatiSneha on 25 January 2013 16:51
hi,i am 23 yr old girl suffering from acidity accompanied by gas formation heartburn from around 2-3 months.loss of appetite.plz suggest ayurvedic medicine & what food to and what not't... Read More
Dr.Geetika Says:- Acidity and gas formation are due to ill eating habits and taking improper food with sedentary life style.In Acidity stomach witness excessive acid secretion.It is reffered to as Amalpitta.You can take Avipattikar churna for acidity before meals and Gashar churna for gas.Take Aloevera juice empty stomach and avoid taking heavy and junk food.Donot take spicy food items and caffeinated products like.. Read more

Acidity & Stomach problem

asked by sdeshmane on 30 July 2010 13:35
Pranam Guruji, I have acidity & stomach problem since last 2 years, I have been consulting doctors since long all the time I have been prescribed medicines such as parit, Pantocid, Aciloc, & omez....I am fully exausted using these medicines since last two years. Please let me know the best remedy available with you to get complete relief from my stomach... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Hyperacidity is and gastric related problem where there is a disturbances are due to irregular food habits. If a person is not following proper diet, and timings of food intake, if there is no proper chewing of the food, there will be formation of gases due to indigestion After identifying the proper cause, you can realize and follow proper timings of food intake. You need to follow proper.. Read more

I have acidity and gastric problem

asked by mysvasanth on 18 March 2015 22:24
i have acidity and gastric problem.. i am taking english medicines but some what it helped me but still i am facing buring sensation in stomach.. i heard that in Ayurveda permanent solution is available for this.. My diet i have eat daily hotel food except dinner.. so i am avoding eating hotel food. only eating breakfast as idly + juice , lunch juice + fruits .. dinner having... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Home prepared fresh foods are always healthy and better for digestion. But the digestion has to be managed even in other circumstances as when you work. It is better to eat cooked food when you have problems like acidity which will be easy to digest and improve the digestion. In that case, it is better to avoid too much fruits and raw salads when you have acidity. After an improvement in the symptoms.. Read more

Acidity Problem

asked by Sanj on 4 April 2011 3:01
Hi, I been suffering from acidity problem from long time now, first I thought it's just bec of spicy food we eat or the wrong wheat or rice or spices. But what ever I eat it creates acidity in my stomach straight away even if its spicy or not. An u pls advise what should I do. There is very less heartburn but speacilly acidity problem I want to get rid of. Pls advise Thank you... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Hyperacidity is a disorder if there are excess acid secretions in your gastrium or stomach due to irregular intake of food and irregular lifestyle and habits. There are certain modifications which you need to do. Eating righteous food at right time and chew the food properly which is very important for your condition. Do chew the food properly which is essential for you. Avoid smoking or.. Read more

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