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Brahmi Capsules for Increasing Memory this question feed

kinwatsde, 26 August 2014 13:24

My son 19 years old studying civil administration college to art faculty, but he is a weak mind, poor concentration and less stamina , so please suggest me a good ayurvedic medicine for improvement his brain.

Tags: Brahmi, Memory
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Concentration problems commonly arise due to physical, medical, psychological or cognitive problems. It is the inability to focus the thought on a particular subject. Rather than medical reasons like head injury, it becomes difficult with poor sleeping patterns and nutrition, with learning difficulties, anxiety or depression. Physical exercise and mental exercises are essential for the proper function for the brain and to improve the energy levels.

Your son can take Sarasvata aristam and Brahmi capsules for 3months and review. Support him emotionally to gain his confidence by making some life style changes.

Yogasanas like Vajrasana, Siddhasana, Padmasana, Yoga nidra, Pranayamam and Meditation helps to improve the concentration and also to strengthen the mind. Memory retrieval helps to improve the memory power which can be practised by remembering the new things learned the previous day.

Include whole grains, garlic, spinach, pomegranate, dark chocolate, olives, avocados, green tea, cinnamon, ghee and pomegranate. Advise him to drink enough water and a good sleep. Mind games like chess, cross words are beneficial.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 27 August 2014 1:28

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hi sir/madam,am RAAJ22yr old,am doing MBA,from small age i was poor in acadamics some how i managed in all board exam till graduation 2nd 3rd class bt my intension is to take atleast first class in MBA,and i should give some respect to my parents by taking goid problem is what ever i study i can't grasp at all..i cant concentrate on any thing more than family problem and other bleady nonsense things come into my mind..i tried to do meditation bt i cnt focus on tht too for 5min..some one had suggested me to put "BRAHMI TAILA". is it works nicely??,if in case it works what is the dosage according my age..and which are the relevent asana's i should do with this...please help me out of this so i'll be thank full to yiu throughout my life..

posted by Guest on 21 December 2014 1:07

Hello, Each person has his own personality some people are mentally very strong and some are very weak. The people who have less mental strength will get disturbed and upset very fast and will lack concentration due to getting disturbed and they are more prone to depression. You can surely have some medicines and that will be useful but you need to give mental support to your son as you told that he is mentally weak. The most important part is that you should help your son to over come this problem by giving him support like by helping him in need, trying to understand his problems, giving him a feeling that you are there with him to support him and console him whenever needed. Never blame him for his problem of lack of concentration and help him get good personality and make him understand the need to be strong. You can have medicines like Kalyanaka kashaya- Take 30ml of this with warm water daily morning and evening before food. Take 1spoon ofBrahmichoornawith honey daily morning and evening in empty stomach.

posted by Dr Roshan on 28 August 2014 9:47


Inability concentrate and having low energy levels could be due to psychological causes like excess anxiety , depression or physical causes . The first thing that he needs is good emotional and mental support from the family . He can check his thyroid levels as thyroid dysfunction can cause the above symptoms . He can practice regular Pranayama and yoga so that his alertness , sharpness and mental faculties will be refined . Following a proper routine is very important . He should take nutritious diet to be able to improve his health . Never skip a meal , especially breakfast . Include more protein rich diet like pulses, milk , eggs in his diet . Take 2-3 litres of water daily . Getting adequate sleep is important . So try to avoid late night sleep and day sleep . He can go for ghee based medicines rather than capsules for improving mental faculties. He can take the following : 1) Brahmi Ghrita : 1 tsp in empty stomach in the morning will be beneficial for him .

2)Shankhpushpi Churna : 1 tsp twice daily .

posted by Dr.Parvathy on 27 August 2014 10:45
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