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Brain Cancer this question feed

asked by yogya on 8 December 2010 20:20

Namaskar Babaji Sir my self is Yogesh Salunkhe & mother in law's 65 year old mother has been suffered from brain cancer. After investing the brain cancer through Doctors we consult the many other doctors for further operation & cure, but no one has suggested to do the further operation as the stage of suffered cancer is in last stage. Is there any treatment available with you. If Yes, kindly give me the appointment date we are ready to there at any time to save our patient. Waiting for your valuable replay as soon as possible as doctors told you have only 1 OR 1 1/2 half month. Please help baba

Yogesh Salunkhe

Tags: Brain, Brain cancer, Cancer
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Ok sir; other than pranayama is it there any herbal medicine for further faster cure. thanks baba to help me kindly let me for above. waiting for your valuable relay.

yogesh salunkhe.

posted by yogya on 9 December 2010 18:54



Pranayama has shone many miracles in curing dying patients, they are simple breathing techniques which any body can follow. Your mother in law can start with pranayama along with the medication. It does not have any side effects.

Baba ramdev has cured thousands of patients with the help of pranayama.

posted by ayurveda on 9 December 2010 12:53

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Oral cancer

asked by Shudhi on 29 August 2010 0:58
My father has oral cancer .... surgery ... radiotherapy and chemo is done ....showed to 2 doctors ... both have different opinions .... I need your email id so that I can mail you all details ...plz help us .. we are in great need.. heard that you also provide treatment at haridwar centre..... plz... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, you can contact with pathanjali yogpheet for more details with.. Read more

Brain blockage or clot

asked by rinkussm on 27 December 2011 14:56
before 7 days my mother in law bp reaches to 240 so she got 2 attack and get paralised now she admitted in pgi lucknow her right portion is not working and she is not able to speak. her mri report says that right brain nerve have blocked some clott is there. i want to know that can her brain blockage or clot can be removed by ayrveda or yoga.... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As your mother is suffering from stoke and due to which she is suffering from paralysis and as per reports, there are blockages in brain and due to pressure effects there may be chances of paralysis and in order to improve her condition, you can give some ayurvedic medicines which are helpful. There are ayurvedic medicines, siddha medicines, and other Indian system of medicines such as.. Read more

Throat cancer

asked by sanjeeta on 9 December 2010 15:15
.thank u for the answer .last time i forgot 2 mention that he couldnot breathe through nose coz of the tumor in his throat. the tumor has blocked the pipe so he was operated n now , there's a pipe in his throat from which he is this, can he do pranayama?now the tumor has increased and started blocking the food pipe.and he can hardly take some liquid from mouth. so..???looking... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As tumor is giving pressure over food pipe, it is very difficult to rectify with ayurvedic medicines or herbal medicines. It is better to follow allopath suggestions which is good for your condition as of now. The only way is to prefer food items which are semisolid or semi liquid which is necessary right. More than this, in terms of ayurveda we cannot do anything rather than treating.. Read more


asked by jithu on 19 April 2013 17:00
Dear Sir My father has got paralysis attack in jan-2013 due to brain clot and till his left side is not working and he is BP & Diabetic patient & he also lost 70% memory. So, please help me how to cure him at home or in hyderbad and what type of Ayurveda medicine we have to give him. Thanks & Regards R.J.... Read More
Dr.George Says:- Dear friend, As you said the attack was in jan 2003 the first stage of emergency treatment for the complaint was over. Now you can start giving ayurveda medicines. It should be done under a doctor's supevision then you can expect better results. Ayurveda pachakarma treatment is the best option. Search for an established local centre and get the advice. You can start with.. Read more

Is treatment of mouth cancer is availble

asked by kawal on 8 August 2013 14:41
My mother named kawaljeet kaur age 56 yrs female is diagones with mouth cancer at stage3+ a month ago.She did not have anyoast history of any disorder.Her all other reports are diagonsed normal except the above complain.She is under treatment of radition N chemo therpy from last 15 days at Pushpanjli Crosslay hospital at vaishali gzbd vhich her condition is stale.One of our relative is cured... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Mouth cancer, Cancer
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, It is mentioned that the patient is suffering from oral cancer for which she is undergoing radio and chemotherapy. In this stage it is practically very much difficult to get result from ayurvedic medicines as the condition has undergone metastasis and must have spread to other parts as well Here we can consume some common medcines as Kanchanara guggulu, arogyavardhini vati and so on. But still.. Read more

Regarding brain tumor

asked by dakshita bhalla on 27 June 2014 23:56
sir, my daughter is of 4 yrs suffering from right cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma(recurrent ayurvedavide clinical history).she is been operated twice , first operation was done when she was of 14 months,n second when she was of 18 months. now again a reaccurance is seen in the MRI... sir can we avoid the surgery or do we have any medicen in ayurveda that can help... or can stop the... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Brain, Tumor
Dr.Ramani Says:- As the astrocytoma has recurred, it must be a grade 2 astrocytoma. The pilocytic or juvenile astrocytoma commonly occurs in childhood. The treatment will be based on the size and location of the tumour. The position of the tumour may sometimes not allow for the complete resection. In that case, it grows again. Symptoms like seizures, weight gain, headache, nausea, vomiting, pressure can be relieved by.. Read more

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