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Brain Cancer this question feed

asked by yogya on 8 December 2010 20:20

Namaskar Babaji Sir my self is Yogesh Salunkhe & mother in law's 65 year old mother has been suffered from brain cancer. After investing the brain cancer through Doctors we consult the many other doctors for further operation & cure, but no one has suggested to do the further operation as the stage of suffered cancer is in last stage. Is there any treatment available with you. If Yes, kindly give me the appointment date we are ready to there at any time to save our patient. Waiting for your valuable replay as soon as possible as doctors told you have only 1 OR 1 1/2 half month. Please help baba

Yogesh Salunkhe

Tags: Brain, Brain cancer, Cancer
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Ok sir; other than pranayama is it there any herbal medicine for further faster cure. thanks baba to help me kindly let me for above. waiting for your valuable relay.

yogesh salunkhe.

posted by yogya on 9 December 2010 18:54



Pranayama has shone many miracles in curing dying patients, they are simple breathing techniques which any body can follow. Your mother in law can start with pranayama along with the medication. It does not have any side effects.

Baba ramdev has cured thousands of patients with the help of pranayama.

posted by ayurveda on 9 December 2010 12:53

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Central brain nerve problem

asked by neena g bhatia on 15 February 2010 10:07
Dear Swami Ramdev Ji, I have heard a lot about you & even I have your yoga CD thru which I am doing breathing exercise twice a day from past 15 days & also from past 9 months i am sufferring from demyelination/mutiple sceloris dieases this is what doctors say. I have problem in walking & talking after every 2 minutes for 5 seconds can this be cured from past 4 weeks i am not reported... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the nerves of the central nervous system degenerate. In multiple sclerosis, inflammation causes the myelin to eventually disappear. Consequently, the electrical impulses that travel along the nerves decelerate and the nerves themselves are damaged There are certain types of multiple sclerosis. Though there is not direct treatment for the same, the combination.. Read more

Cancer ayurvedic medicine

asked by sweety i on 30 September 2010 1:07
cancer Namaskar babaji, my bhabi is suffering from cancer she is having platelate many times i went to ur clinics i m not getting any proper response.once we heard about vaidya ashwiniji ur shishya he has cured.kindly help us she is only about 39 and she is having small babies.we ll b grateful for u.we are residing at lucknow. thank u sweety... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Due to cancerous effects and its treatments, there may be chances of decreasing platelet counts and there may be low immunity too After identifying the root cause, one should go for necessary care as needed basis and for boosting immunity power and for maintain proper stamina one can depend on natural remedies such as ayurveda, siddha, and other system of Indian medicines and alternative.. Read more

It may be brain hamarage

asked by nilmanibabu on 11 February 2012 21:37
sir Namaskar, mera wife ko koi bhi chij ki smale thik se ati nehin, kabhi kabhi gardan me aur sir me dard hota hai sath sath kuchh khane ko dil nehin karta, olti ane lagti hai, kabhi kabhi sirf rat ko hoti hai. aisa hone se bina khaye piye so jati hai aur subah thik thak ho jati hai. ye lakshan kisi ki hoti hai aur please medicine kaunsi khayen aur kaise cure hoga batadijiye.... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As your wife is suffering from Anosmia or loss of smell due to her possible history of cerebral hemorrhage where there are chances of pressure effects on the brain where the centre which is mean for smell signal may not be working or inactive. In that case, usually least we can do in ayurveda and with natural medications where you need to understand that the problem lies in brain The only.. Read more


asked by shyamsundar on 10 January 2013 11:51
Dear Sir, mere father ki age 59 hai unko hepitities b + liver cirossis 3 saal pehle hua tha uske bad me regular checkup ke bad abhi doctor kahate hai ki inko hcc cancer hai aur sirf chemo de sakte hai aur inke pass jyada life nahi hai please suggest any other treatment which can save my... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Shyam Ji Liver cancer ke liye ap Maharishi Amrit kalash shuru kar sakte hain, Clinical aaur scientific studies me yeh paya gya hai ki yeh Cancer patients ke liye labhdayak hota hai Sath hi unhe Yoga practice ke liye utsahit kare , Yoga vcd for cancer Kuch ayurvedic dawa jase ki Ayurvedic Package,Sarva kalpa kwath unke liye achhi rahengi, Yeh sab dawa liver par effect karti hain aur uski kriya.. Read more

Gojharan ark cancer

asked by Lovely on 19 June 2012 15:52
Doctor, I have heard that herbal supplements and herbs are userful for human body so can I request some information on Gojharan ark cancer ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Cancer
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Gojharan arc is known as cow's urine. It is well known and used in ayurveda and has been explained in many ancient ayurvedic scripts including both charaka and susrutha samhitha.It has said as the water of life or amritha. Amritha is said as the nectar of god It is an important ingredient of panchagavya. Panchagavya is said to be a mixture of 5 materials which is obtained from cow such as.. Read more

Cancer of my father

asked by mail.alok1975 on 8 September 2014 13:38
Swami ji namaskar. My father has cancer. Diagnoisis:- Caecal mitosis,Dimorphic anemia,hypthyrodism,Right Hydrocoele. Operation:- Right hemicolectomy with side to side ileo-transverse anastomosis on 14-04-2014 in Sir ganga Ram hospital, Delhi Doctor has called us for chemotherapy after 1 month of operation but we have not gone for chemotherapy session because my father has less hemoglobin... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Cancer
Dr.Ramani Says:- Caecum is a pouch in the beginning of the largeintestine. If there was bleeding, it could also be the cause for anemia. Dimorphous anemia means due to the lack of iron and vitamin B12. So as your father's heamoglobin was very low, it must be checked again and that which is less than 6g/dl is severe anemia and may require blood transfusion as it will act quickly than the medicines. Adjuvant.. Read more

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