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Can Pulomanary fibrosis be cured in ayurveda ? this question feed

Prakhushi, 11 February 2018 23:18

My father-in-law is 58 old have pulmonary fibrosis since 2 years but diagnosed late and want to see if it can be cured in Ayurveda. He can not walk much steps and start feeling breathless. Oxygen level goes down to 85 in resting mode and more if he walks. He is too much weak,coughing,breathing problems. kindly Suggest me what to do to get rid of this disease.

I can provide more details if required.

Tags: Fibrosis, Pulomanary
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Pulmonary fibrosis is the scar in the lungs that causes symptoms like dyspnoea and increase in phlegm. The normal oxygen saturation varies between 95% and 98%. So oxygen supplementation will be advised to ease the breathing if the symptoms become severe. The following medicines can be taken to improve the function of the lungs.

Ayurvedic medicines like Divya Swasari quath, Divya Sitopaladi churnam and Tulasi hills can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

Include cooked fresh food, warm soups, pepper, turmeric, garlic, ginger, tulasi, mint and horse gram. Reduce excess processed foods, cold foods, oil, sweet and canned foods. Yogasanas like navasana, bhujangasana, trikonasana, dhanurasana and padmasana will be beneficial. Pranayamam like anuloma, voiloma, ujjayi and kapalabhati will be beneficial for the lungs.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 22 February 2018 14:51

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Dr.Ramani Says:- Submucous fibrosis is commonly seen in those who use betel leaves. It is fibrosis or thickening seen in the cheeks and can be extended to the surrounding places also. There will be stiffness that causes pain in opening the mouth Ayurvedic medicines like Varunadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Triphala Churnamand Divya Kanchnar Guggulu can be taken for 3months and then.. Read more

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Dr.Sharma Says:- dear first of all start with doing pranayam ,these may help you a lot as circulation increase and these help balance the tissues undergoing fibrosis Secondly try to fill mouth with Sesame oil or Mustard oil or mixed [a little warm] and keep in mouth till its cold and then spit it out, do it thrice in a day, also alternatively you may take Triphala mixed with Mulethi in warm water like that Keep.. Read more

Idiopathicpulmonary fibrosis

asked by CHUNMUN on 11 June 2013 14:15
Pranam Guruji, my father is 56 yr old. he is diagnosed pulmonary fibrosis from last year. please give me advise if it is curable. sugest me ayurvedic treatment for this disease.... Read More
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Dr.George Says:- Dear brother, Pulmonary fibrosis is a condition in which the normal lung tissue loses its normal texture and becomes more fibrous and scarrish. It is mainly caused due to some infections ,cigarette smoking or exposure to certain occupational pollutants such as asbestos , silica etc.This condition may arise without any of these conditions also. The patient may experience breathing.. Read more

Pulmonary Fibrosis

asked by incairus on 3 May 2011 21:17
Patient male 80 has pulmonary Fibrosis,recently diagnosed. we need a natural remedy for this. Patient does not smoke and this ailment seems to be age related. Patient is on bloodthinners for post atirial valve replacement so we have to be very careful with whatever remedy is... Read More
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Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, Pulmonary or lung fibrosis is a matter of concern . In this case mentioned, there are several risk factors beginning from the age of the patient to the valve replacement It is never easy at this point to tell a natural remedy which can help clear the cause. The chest Xray of this patient is to be seen so as to judge upto what level the fibrosis has increased.Following this the general health.. Read more

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

asked by kalpesh on 13 November 2013 20:30
Respected Doctor Greetings to you Sir please find my details name : Kalpesh Ghaghada age : 36 weight : 96 kg FYI - exsmoker , normal smoke 5 sticks per day stopped smoking since oct 2011 till date Profession : Computer Engineer Residing country : Kuwait (arabian country ) Sir Recently i am diagnosed with IPF- idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in india and kuwait also. I am under... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- After extensive tests when there is no cause for the pulmonary fibrosis it is called Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Researches are going on to find the genetic link. It happens when the scars formed while healing in the lungs interferes with the transfer of oxygen in the lungs. It causes dyspnoea and the disease progresses. It varies in each person. Sometimes it remains the same for long time or in.. Read more

ILD , lung fibrosis

asked by Pooja ghosh on 28 April 2016 17:48
Swamiji, My father has been diagnosed with ILD , lung fibrosis. He is 73 yr diabetic from past 30 yrs, was never a smoker or alcohol consumer. Doctors have given medication for reduction of inflammation but afraid of giving steroids. His condition is not improving. Cough with long saliva comes out 3 to 4 times which worsens the condition. Breathlessness after coughing and even after a small walk.... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- Breathing exercises like:- Bhastrika pranayama Kapalbhati pranayama Anuloma viloma pranayama Bharamari pranayama Udgeeth pranayama are very very good for patients with lungs problem. It brings more oxygen to every ill organ and the organ in presence of more oxygen start regenerating. So it is very good for lung.. Read more

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