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Castor Oil for Liver Cirrhosis / fibrosis this question feed

Preetiverma, 11 June 2014 15:05

Dear Doctor.,

My father in law has been diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis / fibrosis after going through Fibroscan test from ILBS, Vasant Kunj, Delhi. He was also reported fatty liver in ultrasound. His liver function test was also not normal. Fibroscan report shows median of 35 kpa where normal range is below 6 and maximum 75 kpa. I would like to know treatment in Ayurveda and have heard that Castor Oil has lot of benefits for livers. I have also heard about castor oil packs application over liver brings good results in improving the liver condition. Some people have also mentioned that if patient takes 50 ml. of castor oil in the morning empty stomach with 50 ml. of orange juice is also very beneficial for flushing the body system.

Some people have also mentioned that juice of castor leaves / arandi leaves can be consumed in some quantity with coconut milk for relief. Bhumi amla can be also consumed.

I like to have your opinion and your experience to treat this condition of my father. Currently he is also consuming Sarva kalp kwath.

Also please tell what is the safe limit of consuming castor oil orally.

Tags: Arandi, Castor oil, Cirrhosis, Liver
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

The progression of mild liver disorders into Progressive fibrous cirrhosis is common. As your father's fibrous scan value is 35, it is beyond the normal limit. It is a scan taken to find out the elasticity of the liver tissues. If it is greater than 6 0r 7, it indicates the increased rigidity of the tissues with scarring. So it has to be related with the clinical findings and other blood investigations.

Fatty liver is the deposition of the fatty cells in the liver which is common and is irreversible with proper lifestyle changes. But fibrosis due to the injury of the liver cells will affect the microscopical texture of the liver cells. It will affect the bile flow and the liver cells.

Castor oil is good in liver disorders and cleansing is necessary which shows good results. But castor oil alone will not be sufficient to rejuvenate the liver cells. Other medicines must also be taken. Also there is no harm in applyig it externally, but internal medicines must also be taken to reduce the symptoms. The dose must be decided considering the age and strength of the patient. It is better to take 20ml with warm water before food in the morning once in a week or 5-10ml every morning for a month depending on the strength of your father. In liver disorders, tiredness will be a main symptom because of the impaired metabolism and lack of nutrients nourishing the liver cells. So in that case when there are symptoms with tiredness, taking castor oil will make them very tired and it is better to avoid using it. Rather using the medicines will help to improve the condition of the liver.

Medicines like Liverex Tablet for liver can be taken along with Sarva Kalpa Kwatha for 6months and then assessed. Phyllanthus niruri - Bhumi amla is very effective for liver disorders which can be taken as 5g twice every day after food.

Eat healthy cooked food with more vegetables and fruits. Include grape fruit, avocados, garlic, turmeric, spinach, green tea, cucumber, bottle gourd. Avoid excess fat, oil, sugar and salt. Try to do mild exercise daily. Please continue with the medicines prescribed by your doctor and have regular followups. The dosage and medicines will change depending on the consultation.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 12 June 2014 13:27

Latest Replies

I have diagnosed primary billiary cirrhosis i leave in london hear they didnt give me any medicine they told me there is no cure am 43 years lady i try to eat healthy food do exercise i get pain in left hand side i am taking arogyvardhini twice a day Please give your opinion

posted by Guest on 7 January 2015 3:04

Dr. Ramani,

At the moment he is taking Livomap tablets from Maharishi Ayurveda and sarva kalp kwath regularly which also has bhumi amla. Should he take bhumi amla separately?

Also is Livomyn from Charak is better then livomap? should we start with Livomyn? there is also cytozen available from charak.

I have also checked package of swami ramdev for cirrhosis of liver, what about that?

posted by Preetiverma on 13 June 2014 17:23


Cirrhosis of liver is defined as the replacement of normal liver tissue by fibrous tissue leading to scar formation and loss of function of that area and obstructing the blood flow to the liver.The commonest cause is alcoholism,then Hepatitis,injury to the liver,toxic effects of drugs etc.

Internally castor is used mostly to relieve constipation.Externally castor oil packs are used for cirrhosis.Hot castor oil packs applied over the areas of liver to stimulate the liver to increase the circulation,relieve pain and improve digestion by the absorption of fluid through skin.

Homeopathic treatment can be started along with allopathic treatment as cirrhosis is not easily treatable with homeopathic medicines alone and the dosage of allopathic drugs can be slowly reduced.It is better to consult the nearest homeopathic physician for better treatment.

I shall suggest you some homeo medicines for cirrhosis which can be used in general

  1. Bryonia alba 30,3 pills 4 times a day

  2. Cardus marianus tincture,10 drops 3 times in half ounce of water

  3. Lycopodium 1M, I dose

posted by Dr.Ameena on 12 June 2014 15:13
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