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Pravati, 23 July 2018 13:02

Age-34+ Male , Having colloid cyst brain of 7.7mm.No other illness , Getting headache now a days daily full head . Is there any medicine for that one will cure with out surgery ? Please advice me .

No BP , No sugar nothing else , having eysite from last 15-20 yrs .

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Colloid cysts are benign growths in the base of the paired lateral ventricles and it sometimes block the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. It causes symptoms like headache or radiating pain due to the pressure. In that case, surgery will be necessary to relieve the symptoms. Please take the medicines and notice the changes in the symptoms.

Ayurvedic medicines like Varunadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Gokshuradi guugulu - 2tablets before food twice daily and Vriddhivaadhika Vati- one tablet after food twice daily can be taken for a month and reviewed. Please continue to have regular checkups to asses the size.

Include berries, horse gram, turmeric, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, garlic and ginger. Reduce excess canned foods, cold refrigerated foods, meat, sugar, salt, refined flour and oil. Pranayamam, gentle exercise of yogasanas liek vajrasana, shavasna, padmasana and siddhasana will be beneficial. Please consult your nearest physician if there is any symptom due to the cyst.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 10 August 2018 11:24

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