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Aasthab , 11 April 2019 23:33

Sir, my mother is 63 yrs old. She was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in October 2017. She went through 6 months of chemotherapy which ended in April 2018. After the test her tumour shrunk drastically and all the lymph nodes were resolved. In Aug’18 she complained of pain and vomiting and then the test were done. It was found that intestines was blocked and then through conversative method, intestines got open. Then her situation was getting worse and she went through the surgery and hipec in Oct’19. In the surgery 3 parts of her small intestine was removed and tumour was also removed. She had major complications and was in ICU for 2 months. She went on ventilator but thankfully came out of it. Due to surgery and no eating for 2 months, she lost 12 kgs and her weight is now only 41.5 kg. Her pet scan was done in Mar’19 which showed the reoccurrence of tumour in bowel area and few lymph nodes. She is undergoing target therapy now since 09/04/2019. She is very weak and having side effects like nausea, fever, tickling in hands. Her legs have numbness also. she has to go through target therapy after 21 days and 2 chemo tablets twice a day via mouth. She has stitches in her stomach due to surgery. We want to know if we can take any Ayurvedic medicine along with target therapy. Also due to surgery which yoga she can do.

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