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Jaydip, 25 April 2013 13:24

Namsakar, I am from Nadiad at Gujarat. My son is 13 yeasr old with 4 feet 8inch height (likely less – My height is 5 feet I inch and my wife’s height is 5 feet) with 30-35 kg weight. In all ways he is healthy. But always after two or three months he is suffer from cough, cold, bronchitis, fever. Water is constant drop from nose. He can’t sleep at night due to difficulty in breadth. He takes a big pillow below head and tries to sleep at night. But he is suddenly wake up after some time due to difficulty in breadth. Due to this doctor gives him some allopathic medicine. Due to this medicine or god know but after two or three days he is suffer from “KHANSI”. Bahot khansi aati hai. Due to khansi he feels very shame and absent from school. He is suffering from chest pain. Please advice for treatment and medicines or ect .

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Thank you so much for writing to us. It seems that your child is showing the premonitory symptoms or grade 1 symptoms of asthma.It is due to this asthma that he is suffering from severe cough.

Here you can take Agasthya rasayana and Kanakaasavam. The first medicine is to be taken 1 tsp at night after food. The second medicine should be taken 1 tsp at morning and night after food.As he is having running nose, it seems he is allergic. The same allergy is causing him asthma too. Firstly, you will have to find the allergent which is triggering asthma and cold. Following this you must make sure that the child does not get exposed to that allergent.If so then all his symptoms will disappear and no medications will be needed. Pranayama will help your child in this condition.

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posted by Dr.Sony on 6 May 2013 16:40

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hello , your son is suffering from cronic bronchitis problem and proper ayurveda treatment and pranayam is to advise tratment is mension sitopladi churna 20 gm tankan bhasma 10 gm guduchi satwa 10 gm swaskaschtamani ras 1 gm mix all of them and make pudiya 1 pudiya morning with honey 1 pudiya evening with honey kankasa+amritarista 4- 4 tablespoon mixe with water afer food two times tribuvankirti ras 2 tab bd tulsi tab 2 bd and pranayam kapalbhati 5 minut anulome vilme pranayam 5 minut avoide cold milk curd chawal khatai at night as follwed this treatment 3 month regular and pranayam diet plan problem is gone at bed time andu tail ka nasya is very good for this problem . according to ayurveda this problem is vaatkafaj vyadhi so vaat and cough two couse facter in his problem so we treat in this problem with vaatcough saman medicine so take this treatment and dait plan and pranayam also . you have got good result in your son problem take some rest avoid antibiotic take ayurveda jai ayurveda

posted by dr vineet tiwari on 8 June 2016 19:20


Frequent cough, cold, bronchitis , fever etc are due to Viral infection, untreated acute bronchitis etc

Investigations : first get done Chest X-ray along with Forced expiratory spirometry.

In ayurveda we treat it under VATAKAPHARA chikitsa, anuloma chikitsa etc

Internal Medications: 1. Indukantha Kashaya + Dasamoolakatutraya Kashaya - mox both and take 60ml with equal qty of water and give him twice daily before food.

  1. Kasthuri Gulika - 2 tabs twice daliy after food.

  2. VAsavalehya - 2tsp morning and night before food.

  3. Triphala Tablet- 1 tablet during bed time after food.

Avoid, Cold exposure, dust, curds, icecreams, fish potato,excessive exercises etc

To follow : Pranayama regularly,consume warm food and drinks, take dinner by 7-8 pm

Get well soon Dr.Krishna Kumar

posted by Dr.Krish on 6 May 2013 16:06
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