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Esophegus Cancer this question feed

hpanytime, 22 September 2010 12:14

Dear Sir,

My dad (52 years) got operated last year for esophagus surgery. He had got 2 tumors, one in esophagus and another outside of stomach in lympnodes. He has gone through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Recently we did PET-CT scan and we found disease re-occurance in neo-esophagus, in stomach, pelvis and above colon, doctors have given up saying that we need to do chemotheraphy to keep him alive.

Heard a lot about your shivir from friends, please guide as what next can b done. We give him ayurvedic medicines and homepathic medicines since last 1 year.

At present he goes to office and is healthy. Can you please suggest any remedy to cure this? like medicines, exercise etc etc...

please share as early as possible so that i can take further course of action

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


From the information given, it is seen that cancer cells are seen spreading from its original site to the adjacent tissues. At this stage patient is advised to carry on with both allopathic and ayurvedic treatment in parallel.

The basic principle behind ayurvedic tretament is to prevent further metastases or spread of cancer cells to the adjacent tissues.Here i shall suggest you certain medicines as an initial line of treatment.

  1. Kanchanara guggulu - This tab shall be taken at a dosage of 2 tab three times a day after food with warm water.

  2. Varanadi kashayam - This decoction shall be taken at a dosage of 30 ml with equal quantity of water . this shall be taken twice daily an hour before food.

Follow these medications for upto a month along with allopathic medicines.

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posted by Dr.Sony on 21 March 2014 12:45

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It is common for the recurrence of cancer and hence it should be monitored closely for the first two years. After that also it has be done annually. In your father's case as there is no improvement and as Chemotherpahy, radiation are the treatments that will help him, please continue it. They are also effective in oral mouth cancer. These treatments may cause eating difficulties, mucositis, dental problems, oral infections, hyposalivation. As he is already on dialysis, it is better that he continues with the present treatment. Please consult an Ayurvedic doctor with your father's blood test with his kidney function test for any internal medicines.

Saptachadadi kasayam or Boil one tsp of Triphala Churnam in a cup of water can be used for gargling for mucositis or to heal the oral ulcers. Please let me know how he feels and if you need further assistance.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 16 March 2014 3:32


For some people with oral cavity cancer may reoccur even after surgery, These patients gave to take treatments like chemotherapy, radiation and other supporting therapies to help keep the cancer in check as long as possible. As there are more complications involved in this condition and since he is on dialysis, it is better to proceed to lead quality life which is very important now.

Learning to live with cancer is, of course, a very difficult task. In the case of your father, kidneys are also damaged. A permanent cure is very difficult to assure. With alternative medicines like yoga and ayurveda, he could get some relief. Advice him to do pranayama and meditation. This will surely ease his pain. He may be use some home remedies and in such conditions, you may give wheatgrass juice which may help him up to some extent and help to prevent any further complications and to ease his discomfort.

Stay on a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Since your father is on dialysis, it is better not to give any preservative foods or even medicines with preservatives that may increase his creatinine levels.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 14 March 2014 22:50

my father is 53 years old.2.5 years back he was detected with right side mouth cancer. he is a non smoker.he was operated and radiotherapy was done and he was cured.because of the side effects his kidneys were damaged and he is on dialysis from last 1.5 years. Now cancer reoccured in left buccal mucosa(left mouth) for which targeted chemo therapy was given every week for 3 pet ct report says there is no improvement.please help

posted by Guest on 9 March 2014 12:04


As your father has undergone surgery for Esophageal cancer or Barrett's esophagus and now you mention that there is recurrence. Since there are many reasons like poor nutrition, smoking, or in few cases there may be complications such as gastroesophageal reflux disorder or GERD and symptoms such as difficulty in swallowing, heartburn, blood vomiting, chest pain, weight loss may occur.

To give symptomatic relief, and to reduce toxicity, and to prevent further metastasis, alternative therapies and Indian system of medicines such as ayurveda, siddha, and other system of medicines will help for this condition. Consuming Santhigiri Balasarvangam is useful and to be consumed 8 drops with honey at bedtime which helps to increase immunity power.

You can ask him to consume the following medicines Lohasavam and Kumaryasavam to be consumed 30 ml twice daily. Kutajavleh is useful. Haridra, Saptavimshati Guggulu, and Triphala Guggulu are very helpful medicine to reduce the symptoms.

Before consuming medicines, you can consult physician personally if you have doubts.

With regards,


posted by Dr.Vijay on 22 September 2010 19:08
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