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montina, 18 March 2013 2:58

Namaste I was first diagnosed with fibroids in my uterus when I was 34. I went then into surgery, preserving the uterus. Also went into fertility treatment with no positive results. Fibroids reappeared 5 years later and again were removed. I am now 52, with no children, menopause from years ago, and again doctors say my uterus is full of fibroids. They recommend general removal. I only feel discomfort when performing extreme movements. I have lost my libido, suffer from regular constipation and most of the times get very little sleep, sometimes as little as two hours. I would very much appreciate your recommendation. Is there an adyurvedic treatment for this condition?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


As you are suffering from fibroid uterus and your age is 52 years, it is important to get it treated before it give complications as there are chances of bleeding and it is better to get it operated. Regarding your libido, there is nothing to worry as there are certain hormonal changes will take place and there indirectly you may lose interest. If the fibroids are recurrent in nature and if you are not having any bleeding complications, and if you do not have any complaints as such, there are certain ayurvedic medicines which are helpful for controlling your problem such as Fibroid Package medicine which you may try to take and give a followup. You can try avoiding spicy foods, oily foods which are important.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 19 March 2013 11:25

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I have been diagnosed as endometrium lining thickening. My report says simple hyperplasia without ATypia of the endometrium . They hve asked me to remove my uterus. Please suggest me is there any ayurveda medicine for this to cure without surgery. I am confused.

posted by Guest on 27 October 2017 14:18

sir, I'm 52 yrs ,having bulky uterous&button shaped fibroid in d centre of d uterous causing heavy bleeding since 4yrs ihave sufferingI have tried homeopathy 7 ayurveda.The problem surfaces after 3 mths . please help me in solving this problem.

posted by Guest on 25 October 2013 12:14
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YogaGuru Says:- Dear Ruchi, In Ayuvreda utrine Fibroid is caused by Vitiated Vata and Kapha which lead to formation of a GRANTHI[NODULE]. AS you are young ,you have good power of healing.In your case you can start with first with : 1.Divya Kanchnar guggullu, and Divya Arsh kalpa vati 2.Kumariasava, and Dashmoolarisht mixed ,always use lukewarm water It will help reduce size of nodule and at the same time will.. Read more

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Dr.Ramani Says:- Polyps are seen in the uterus in those who have thick endometrium. It is treated based on the symptoms. Heavy bleeding, pain and general tiredness are commonly seen. Please do have regular checkups with your gynecologist Ayurvedic medicines like Musali khadiradi kvath - 15ml of kvath with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Asoka aristam, Pushyanuga churnam and Punarnavadi Mandoor can be taken.. Read more

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Dr.Ramani Says:- Generally surgery is advised for fibroids greater than 5cms, but there are other criteria like the location and type of the fibroid, if it compresses with pressure on the intestines, bladder or the severe bleeding that does not respond to treatment. It can be managed with medicines along with regular consultations based on the symptoms. It happens due to the changes of the harmones. When the oestrogen.. Read more

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