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sofi, 13 May 2016 7:19

Hi iam 35 years old I have recently developed fissure n tag like growth near the ano region it has lot for buring after passing stool n its hard cutting feeling while passing motion for whole while day burning is there n I feel something is crawling inside like itch I am taking ayurvedic meds from a doc who is spea list on kashr sutra taking sitz bath abhyarishtam syrup iam taking n k g n tablets n one more med I cnt read names as they were give loose to me there is no relief i have been taking gauva empty stomach as many told do so now can i take cows milk with lemon n what's the quantity old medical history of renal stones depresion n bloating burbs n gases I take ativan 1mg n nikoran 5mg twice daily as I get uneven heart beat iam very tired with this plz help me n prescribe some solution as I have to work in nite shifts n iam.not able to concentrate on work Thank you

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Night duty causes lots of imbalance in the body. From immunity till hormones lots goes imbalanced which will triggers the symptoms that you have mentioned. There is a cut in your anal canal.So when you pass motion you will have burning sensation also due to pruritis you will experience itching . You can continue with other ayurveda medicines.

Ayurveda Medicines

1.Triphala Guggulu 1-0-1 with warm water after breakfast and dinner.

2Triphala Juice 2tsp+1/2 glass warm water morning empty stomach.


Avoid milk and its products as you have history of kidney stones. But can have ghee . Also can include fibre food.

Relaxation and Meditation

As you are depressed, the symptoms of depression is also constipation. So you need to practice meditation and relaxation technique.


Pavamukthasan, badhkonasan,naukasan, shalabashan, shashakansan, etc will be helpful

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posted by Dr. Spoorthi on 16 May 2016 23:09

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