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Gall bladder cancer this question feed

saumya, 17 March 2012 13:02

baba ji meri nani ko gallbladder cancer hai.4 months pehle unki first stenting hui hai.15 march 2012 ko unki dubara stenting hui hai.but doctors ko koi hope nhi hai.she is diabetic and her blood pressure fluctutaes also.we don't want to go with chemo and radio therapy.Please suggest if there is any ray of hope, I am desparately looking for any ray of hope.please baba ji help us out,please tell me unhe khane ke liye kya dena chahiye.i want to send u her test reports.please give me ur email-id also.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Dear Kinley Tenzin Thimphu,

Please find the list of Patnjali clinics in West Bengal, also it is better if your mother can pratice pranayama

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posted by YogaGuru on 5 July 2012 17:54

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I know one of the best homoeopathic doctor who cured the carcinoma of gall bllader ;and many other cancer from homoeopathic medicine successfully. his name-Dr.Abhay kumar jha MAA PURNA DEVI HOMOEO CLINIC,PURNEA,(BIHAR) EM******

posted by Guest on 13 May 2013 12:56

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you from Bhutan and have a burning question regarding my mom, who is 50 years old and is struggling with the gallbladder cancer. Currently she is in Tata Medical Centre in Kolkata, finished her ERCP (due to jaundice developed in April). After the ERCP her condition did not improv as expected,now,her 2 cycle chemotherapy is due.

Actually, in March, after she was found as a cancer gall bladder, she went for further treatment in CMC Vellore, where her cancer GB was known as inoperable and started chemotherapy. She did her 1st chemo cycle and was waiting for the 2nd round. In the amid she developed jaundice in April and was referred to do ERCP in TMC, Kolkata.

Now doctors have lost hope. We are in fixed situation. Cant do anything.....but on the other side I can not loss my young mom.....and suddenly somebody suggested me to go for Ayurvedic treatment from Ram Dev baba. I guess there is a such clinic in Jaigoan (West Benjal). While I am hearing many success stories and also want to seek your advice and help please.

I hope there is a silver lining to the agonizing disease of my mom and our situation. I am hoping to hearing a relieving words from you soon, please.

Thanks you.

Kinley Tenzin Thimphu, Bhutan

posted by Guest on 3 July 2012 15:46


As your grandmother is suffering from gallbladder cancer, and associated complaints such as hypertension, and diabetes where she need to consume life supporting medicines from allopath point of view. However, in order to maintain proper strength and to prevent certain symptoms like weakness, acidity related problems, she can take some ayurvedic medicines which are helpful for her condition. However, you have to give her regular medicines. If she is more than 75 years of age, doctors may avoid surgeries. At the same time, you can give ayurvedic medicines which are helpful for her condition. Following medicines are helpful for her such as Cancer Package Medicine which contains multiple medicine such as Divya Kaya-Kalp Kwatha, Divya Sarva-Kalpa Kwatha, Divya Sanjivani Vati, Divya Sila Sindura, Divya Tamra Bhasma, Divya Giloy Sat, Divya Abhraka Bhasma, Divya Svarna Basanta Malati, Divya Mukta Pisti, Divya Pravala Panchamrita, Divya Heerak Bhasm to be used in the combination. Tablets like Divya Kanchanar Guggulu, and Divya Vriddhivadhika Vati are good.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 23 March 2012 20:04
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