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ChandrasBangalore, 18 February 2016 21:53

Respected Vaidya,

I had flu in 4 months back, which triggered Bronchitis with lot of Phlegm. I tried allopathy - antibiotics and bronchiodilators, but got only temporary relief. I went to chikitsalay, and got a set of medicines, and went for a second visit after 2 weeks, but the doctor was different. She ruled out the first set of medicines and prescribed a fresh set - Lakshmivilas ras (2 @ twice after meals), Udaramrit Vati, and Sanjivani vati, with a set of choornas (trikatu etc.). I have been using that for over 40 days now. Can I continue the usage of the medicines for 40 more days? I am still getting the wheezing in nights before sleep, so almost daily I take Foracort 200 inhaler.

I have a history of GERD, a year back, and I took patanjali medicines then, which gave me a bit of relief.

Please let me know an effective remedy.

Many thanks

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Ayurvedic medicines for bronchitis must be continued for longer duration compared with the Allopathy medicines. So as you have taken medicines for a month, please continue laxmi, vilas ras, udaramrt ras, sanjeevani vati and trikatu churnam for another month. Please review after using the medicines for a month.

As you notice an improvement, please add Divya Chyawanaprash with Saffron which you can continue for another 3months. It will help to reduce the phlegm and also strengthen the immune system thereby reducing the infections.

Include pepper, tulsi, turmeric, garlic, horse gram, ginger and honey. Reduce excess carbonated beverages, sweets, cold refrigerated food, oil, salt and meat. Yogasanas like Dhanurasana, Utkadasana, Bhujangasana, Ustrasana, Padmasana and Triokonasana will be beneficial. Pranayamam like anuloma, viloma, kapala bhati and ujjayi will be beneficial to strengthen the lungs.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 27 February 2016 19:57

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Thanks Dr.Ramani. I am continuing the laxmivilas ras, sanjivani vati and the udaramrit vati, along with the mixture of churnas. Now it has been 2+ months. I have seen significant improvement after I started with the medicines. I have reduced the dosage of laxmivilas ras to only once in a day. Can I continue using the inhaler in the nights when I get the wheezing after taking food? Is there any medicine in Patanjali that can replace the Foracort 200 inhaler for immediate relief? Many thanks!

posted by Guest on 4 March 2016 13:24
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