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Headache, vaginal discharge, uticaria mo this question feed

suce, 25 January 2016 11:23

Hello sir, ian 24years old female unmarried having one side headache since 6 to 7 years,twice i have shown to the dr they said its migraine headache and i have done medical course for one month but persistence of headache continued and now from few months i have been suffering from itching over eyes, nose ,oral mucosa which is associated with continuous sneezing,dr said it's idiopathic uticaria and my igE level was 370 and absolute esenophil count is 440,i took steroids 4mg for. 10 days and again 4mg for 7 days.( Total 17 days) .and now since 2 months I'm having continuous foul smelling vaginal discharge without any symptoms and iam really scared, need your valuable suggestions. ..hoping for the quick response. Thank you.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Foul vaginal discharge indicates infections. You also have been taking very high dose of medications like steroids. This indicates the severity of your problem. There are different kinds of headaches one of them is migraine. Migraine ususally tiggers with acidity, gastritis, stress, excess sunlight, cold weather, during cycles, constipation, loss of sleep etc. There is no medicines for urticaria other than antihistamines , if by these the symptoms does not subside then next alternate will be Steroids. Steriods are also called as immuno supressents. Urticaria show symptoms like swelling, itching sensation burning sensation, rash etc , chronic urticaria has been termed as auto immune disorders. So steroids will work symptomatically. Usually in ayurveda the common reason for all these are excess unwanted PITTA Dosha. You need to keep yourself healthy by follwing healthy diet and good lifestyle so your body gets a chance to improve its immunity and your allopathy medications can be reduces gradually.

Ayurvedic Medicicnes

1.Pradhara sudha 2tsp-0-2tsp before breakfast and dinner. It contains medicicnes like ashoka and dhathaki which reduces your infections.

2.Kayakalp Kwath 4tsp+ 400ml water after breakfast and dinner. Cleanse the blood which is the cause for urticaria and unwanted pitta dosha.

3.Migrahills 1-0-1 with warm water before breakfast and dinner. For migraine headache.

4Urtiplex Capsules 2-0-2 with warm water after breakfast and dinner. To reduce urticarial reaction.


Wear cotton cloth and use calamine lotions on your body.


Completely avoid sour , spicy like tomatoes , tamerind, chillies and preservatives, fried food, packed food etc. Take buttermilk, dhaniya water , moong dhal, bottle guard, snake gaurd, cucucmber, pomegranates, apple, pear , butter fruit. etc.


All the asanas can be performed.


Cooling pranyama like sheethali, sheetkari, sadanth, bhramari, ujjai , nadi shudhi pranayama can be performed

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posted by Dr. Spoorthi on 28 January 2016 13:33

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