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Ayurvedic remidies to remove heart artery blockage this question feed

asked by Harvey on 27 June 2011 13:47
I need information on ayurvedic remidies to remove heart artery blockage ?, I would appreciate your kind reply ASAP.
Tags: Artery, Blockage, Heart
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Related Questions on Ayurvedic Medicine

Low heart beat

asked by gurbax on 29 December 2009 7:12
Dear sir, my heart beat is low. It stays between 40-44 in the morning. During day time it is close to 48-50, some times 50-53. But, it goes high upto 120-130 if I start doing exercise. I got stress test and other tests done, they did not find anything wrong, my ejection fraction is 67%. I don't feel any problem, some times little sluggish in the morning. I yawn lot somes. I have taken your... Read More
YogaGuru Says:- Dear Gurbax, Apart from medication you should also do pranayama. Pranayama is very beneficial in controlling heart beat and correct it very fast. Believe me it works. You need to find some free time in the morning for pranayama. So you can make a routine of doing pranayama watching it on TV or alone. It is simple breathing exercises and opens up the new world for you Bhastrika pranayama, Anuloma.. Read more

Indian Medicines for Heart complaint

asked by sati on 3 November 2010 1:27
Hello doctor, please give important Indian herbal medicines for heart... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, apart from allopath medicines and ayurvedic medicines, other Indian medicines are useful for cardiac health. These system of medicines are siddha, naturopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy Siddha Medicines Lauha bhasma, Abhraka bhasma, Swarna bhasma, Vacha, PravalNote: Most of the herbo-mineral drugs are mentioned in ayurveda as siddha and ayurveda medicines are.. Read more

Blockage of falopian tube

asked by hemant pandya on 3 May 2013 10:29
Dear Doctor,Is there medicine for opening of falopian tube and to get conceive. this question is for my daughter age 39 years. Hemant Pandya... Read More
4 replies  -  Related Tags: Blockage, Falopian, Tube
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello hemant, Thank you so much for taking time in writing to us.As far as fallopian tube blockage is considered, the case need to be studied as the cause are many Initially, the cause for fallopian tube blockage is understood. Following this ayurvedic medications which are meant for clearing the cause is being administered. Then the fallopian tube should get back to its normal level and patient will.. Read more

High FSH level and blockage of falopian tube in right side

asked by rajeshwari on 31 July 2013 12:14
my age is 39 years.before two years i had a prematured son normal delivery,but due to health he expired after17 days.ther after doctor says above. pl advice. Rajeshwari... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Fallopian tubes, Pregnancy, Blockage, Fsh
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, It seems to be high fsh level which has led to miscarriage. Here i will suggest you certain home remedies which will get the fsh level back to normal Exercise regularly to help your overall blood flow. This will help your endocrine create less fsh as ovaries will start functioning normally. Low impact aerobics, walking and yoga will all help the purposeSupport your kidney.Reduce the amount of.. Read more

Hole in heart

asked by yugvansh on 15 February 2015 13:13
sir,my nephew Yugvansh is now 1 year n 3months only.he was having a hole in his heart n had been undergone heart surgery at escort hospital in delhi in April now the problem is that his heart functioning could not improve till now and pumping of heart has been reduced to 30%.he is still on medication.sir,plz suggest me whether ur ayurvedic medicines can improve the heart pumping n can... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Heart, Pumping, Reduced
Dr.Ramani Says:- Hole in the heart is due to a structural problem either in the atrial or ventricular septum. It is assessed regularly and surgery is advised based on the condition. It is generally a congenital problem but can also be discovered in adults also. Usually the child recovers well after the surgery. It depends on the general health of the child. The recovery also depends on the type, size and location of.. Read more

Heart andirregular periods

asked by uprerna on 23 January 2010 8:54
main42years old hu.9sal se dilated cardiomyopathy ki marij hu.english dawa le rahi hu.aug 2009 se heavy and irregular periods se v paresan hu.actually june2009 se BHU se ayurvedic treatment le rahi thi.uske bad se hi bleeding problem suru hua,sep. me unlogon ne har kar treatment karna chore diya.kyunki halat serious ho gaya tha.emergency me harmonal dawa lena suru kiye hai.aram hai,par DR. ke... Read More
Dr.Ravinder Says:- Improper or heavy doses of ayurvedic medicines may have caused the side effects. We recommend you to take only home made light meals. Low salt and low fat diet with low spices will be best for you. For irregular or heavy bleeding we recommend you to take complete menorrhagia with Divya ashokarishtafor almost three to four months. These are pure ayurvedic medicines and should betaken as prescribed.. Read more

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