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Baba ramdev ayurvedic treatment for gas indigestion flatulance this question feed

asked by Tory on 9 April 2011 18:58
Would like to have information on baba ramdev ayurvedic treatment for gas indigestion flatulance
Tags: Gas, Indigestion
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Related Questions on Ayurvedic Medicine

Gas and urinating problem

asked by deo on 16 November 2013 18:05
male 54yrs Gas problem,acidity and it takes more than an hour in the morning for elimination,mucus diarrhea,when taking green vegetable in dinner, and urine does not pass out easily, it takes time even then urine urge remains there and have to give great stress to the bladder just to pass a few drops.Feeling of gas through the urine track and bladder,and obstruction to the urine flow,some times... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Gas, Urinating
Dr.Gautam Says:- Hello Kindly follow the advice below: Make sure you have food on time - no skipping or delayingDo not drink water immediately before food and avoid too much oily, spicy or heavy food like non-veg Have a habit of drinking more water, tender coconut water, sugarcane juice etc Chiruvilwadi Kashayam: 15ml twice daily with 10 spoons water half an hour before food Draksharishtam + Punarnavasavam 15ml of.. Read more

Gas problem stomouchs..........................

asked by kraju on 27 August 2012 16:19
plz give me solution any stomouchs gases problem i am 28... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Excess flatulence may occur due to indigestion, or irregular food habits. If you have poor appetite, and irregular food habits and lifestyle where if you are consuming spicy foods, oily foods, and excess junk foods, there may be chances of excess flatulence and gastric trouble. If you are not chewing food properly, and by not concentrating on food intake, there may be chances of flatulence.. Read more

Acidty and gas

asked by SANDIP KOLHE on 3 December 2013 14:46
Namste Guruji mera nam sandip meri age 36 yrs hai.mai ek private company me kam karta hu.Muze pichale 3-4 mahine se acidty ki bahut taklif hai.khana khane ke bad dakare ati hai,chest me left side me halka halka dard hota hai,ghabarahat mahsus hoti hai,pair dhile pad jate hai.please muze ayurvedic medicine suggest... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Acidity, Gas
Dr.Gautam Says:- Namaste Kindly follow the instructions below: Eat food on time - never skip or delay meals. Meals skip karne se gastritis bhad sakti hai aur delay karne se gas formation ho jaati haiDrink plenty of water during your meals (not before meals) Avoid Potatoes, too much daal etc. Eat plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Oily food aur zyada spicy food avoid kareDrakshadi Kashayam: 15ml twice.. Read more

1) gas trouble, 2) Pain in heals

asked by rk10101 on 20 November 2010 1:31
1) I am a 50 yrs of male with good vigour and energy level. I am suffering from severe gas trouble and keep farting regularly with sound. There is no bad smell but noisy farts are embarassing. I had very good digestion till afew months ago. I pass stools at least 2-3 times in morning normally and once at night. I am a high BP patient under good control 120-80 with medicines. No sugar. No stomach... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, The main reason before indigestion is if you are not chewing the food properly, and if you are talking while eating food there may be chances of getting excess gas accumulation at intestinal level that is small intestine and large intestine level. So, most of the times, these type of patients will end up with excess flatulence or gas formation, and your second problem is also interrelated.. Read more

Remedy from gas prob

asked by bibi on 24 April 2013 7:34
age 46. have suger 90/114 after using medicine.b/p 90/140 after taking medicine.have thyroid. now suffring from gas and burning ....pls... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Ayurvedic medicines for gas, Gas
Dr.George Says:- Dear friend, we are glad to reply you. The problem which are facing could be gastritis. It is also understood that you are also taking medicines for bp and thyroid com[plaints I request you to check your thyroid hormone levels atonce You can use himcocid syrup of himalya company. 10 ml twice daily after food Avoid spicy and oily foods.Be a.. Read more

Gas problem

asked by carlos on 17 April 2013 23:10
I m 73year lady I m diabetic and blood pressure my stomach get bigger and bigger and harder I got problem in breath can u tell me what I have to do ... Read More
Dr.Krish Says:- Hello Carlos, As you are Diabetic, the medicines what you are taking for Diabetes will cause Gas problem. So pls follow the following instructions to solve the problem Food intake at proper time iNTAKE OF SMALL AND FREQUENT MEALS3.Avoid heavy foods, hotel foods, coffee, tea, pain killers Medicines: 1. Gasonil Syrup Dosage: 10 ml twice daily after food Hingwashtak Churna Dosage: 1 tsp with 1 glass.. Read more

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