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Baba ramdev gallbladder stone solution this question feed

asked by Rimpy on 15 June 2011 17:20
Please provide information on baba ramdev gallbladder stone solution ?, I would be thankful to you.
Tags: Stone
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Related Questions on Ayurvedic Medicine

Gallblader stone

asked by sangeeta shrivastava on 26 November 2012 13:32
Sir, I am 34 year old women. I suffered by sever pain in my upper obdeman on 9 november. Doctors told me that i have 6-8 stones of size 2-3mm in my gallblader. I m not interested in surgery because delevered a child before eight months by surgery. So please tell me the remidies to remove the stones.... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Hello Sangeeta Your health concern is a common problem these days, as Fat metabolism gets impaired due to changes in Diet and Lifestyle. It happen mainly in Females fat ,usually above 40 ageYour approach is right , One should always try to avoid Surgery, until unless real indication is there for it to be operated upon There are some medicine which you may try Divya Arogyawardhini Vati which will help.. Read more

Kidney Stone problem

asked by manbir on 24 July 2010 19:16
Adarniya Babaji, Pranam, I am 49 years old has Kidney Stone problems, The current status is : Left kidney (size 25 cms) has stones Right kidney (size 28 cms) Can you please suggest me the proper treatment in your Patanjali Ayurved. Thanking you, Your faithfully, Manbir Singh Nain VPO Sacha Khera Tehsil Narwana Distt. Jind now resident at Distt. Jail Gurgaon... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Kidney Stones or renal calculi may occur in the urinary tract from kidneys, bladder, ureters, and to urethra with the symptoms of colic pain, difficulty in urination and in few cases there will be obstruction in urinary tract too There are many factors that may cause urinary infection like drinking less fluids, excess medications, hyperthyroidism, gout, bowel inflammations, and constipation.. Read more

13 mm stone in gall blader

asked by jya on 23 April 2013 17:16
is 13 mm stone in gall bladder is curable by medicine.I am 34 yrs old lady.I am taking homopathic ... Read More
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello madam, Please don't worry as the gall stone present has a very small size and will not affect your routine life. There are several diets that you will have to follow with which you will see your gall stone size reduce from 13mm to 6mm in just 2 months. Firstly avoid milk as much as possible. As you are only 34 right now and will not have to worry of osteoporosis or calcium loss. Eat food.. Read more

CALCUHEAL Syrup - Renal stone aid

asked by Nitesh sharma on 7 September 2011 16:00
Hello, I want advice on homeopathic product CALCUHEAL Syrup - Renal stone aid ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More
YogaGuru Says:- Composition: Berbaris Vulg Q, Cantharis 3x, Acidum Oxalicum 3x, Ocimum Cacum Q, Calcarea Renalis 3x, Sarsaparilla Q, Pareira Brava Q, Senecio Aureus Q, Uses: Urolithiasis (kidney stones), prevention of reformation of calculus following lithitripsy, burning micturation and renal.. Read more

Gallblader stone

asked by yogesh jain on 16 October 2012 8:59
can we give patharchatta ke patte pani main ubal ke for gallblader stone please suggest some remedy to remove it for cure witout... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Your information about the disease is insufficient to give an exact answer. Anyhow gall bladder is a small organ in the body which temporarily stores bile secreted by the liver. During storage in the gallbladder, bile becomes more concentrated and can be crystallized to form stones. The common types of gall stones are crystals of cholesterol and bile pigments. The presence of gallstones in.. Read more

Pitt ki thaili me stone

asked by Kusum on 7 June 2014 19:47
Pranam babaji.. Meri mummy ki age 70 yrs ke aspas hai.. Unka checkup kraya to pta chala unke pitt ki thaili me stone hai.. 1 nhi bahot sare stones hai.. 3-7 mm tk ke.. Please app koi solution btaiye.. Doctors ne operation krne se mana kr diya unki age ki wajah... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Stone
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, From the clinical picture given here, it seems that your mother is suffering from gall bladder stone. Here it is mentioned that the stone size is 7mm. It is a risky factor to undergo surgery at this stage due to age factor Your mother can follow a change in diet as to overcome gall bladder stone size. Here are a few of my suggestions Consume food which is rich in fiber content. Research works.. Read more

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