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Divya pharmacy at kolkata this question feed

asked by Kimmie on 7 March 2011 9:57
Advice is required on divya pharmacy at kolkata
Tags: Divya pharmacy
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i am taking aloe vera juice with hot water in morning and evening before food 2 spoon. ply guide the benefit

posted by Guest on 10 January 2013 16:30

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Divya swasari Pravahi

asked by bhatia on 26 May 2014 9:25
I m 32 yrs lactating mother and I m having cold and throat pain. CAN I take Divya swasari Pravahi. I fear that it does not harm baby and how many... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Pain, Throat
Dr.Ramani Says:- Divya Svasari Pravahi can be taken while breast feeding. It has the herbs like Vasa, Marica, Yastimadu, Kantakari, Pipali, Lavangam, Aragwada. It can be used thrice for a week and then twice for another week. You can take 1tsp after food. Just make sure that any medicine you are planning to take contain only herbs. If it has any minerals or very powerful herbs, avoid them You can do salt water.. Read more

Side effects of divya medohar vati

asked by s.c. batra on 16 January 2015 19:25
My wife who is 60 years and at present taking medicines like thyronorm 100mcg(one tablet daily) and Gemer1(1BD) and her diet is 1200 calories. Please advise she can also take this medicine i.e. divya medohar vati along with above... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Thyroid, Diabtic, Hypo, Thyride
Dr.Ramani Says:- Divya Medohar Vati is a combination of herbs like babool, triphala, kutki, nishoda, vayuvidanga, haritaki, shuddha guggulu with Shilajit. Your wife can take it along with the medications for hypothyroidism and diabetes. Please let me know the thyroid function test, FBS, PPBS to guide you further. You can calculate her BMI with her height and weight to understand her range in the different weight.. Read more

Divya mulethi churna

asked by Rajesh Tyagi on 14 June 2012 15:52
Herbs and supplements are great source of energy, vitality and keep body disease free so I need information for Divya mulethi churna ?, I am very thankful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags:
Dr.Ramani Says:- Mulethi churnam is powdered Liquorice It is sweet in taste, sweet in vipaka, cold in potency and reduces the vitiated vata and pitta It is used in respiratory conditions like sore throat, dry cough, acute inflammations with more of pitta like in acute bronchitis.It is an ingredient in Sitopaladi churnam, kasturyadi gutika which are used for cold It is used in gastritis, indigestion, mouth ulcers as it.. Read more

Divya medohar Vati and triphala guggulu

asked by sandy123 on 17 October 2011 11:14
Sir, my Weight is 87 Kgs and height is 5'11". from last one month I started taken Divya Medohar Vati ( 2 tab thrice a day )and Divya Triphala Guggulu Vati( 2 tab twice a day )..but still I haven't losse a single kg weight. Even I am playing batmintan for at least one hrs. on daily basis. Plz. guide me what else should I start to decrease my... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 26.8. This means your weight is within the Overweight range. Your current BMI is greater than the recommended range of 18.5 to 24.9. To be within the right range for your height, you should weigh between 60.2 kg and 81.1 kg. So, you are supposed to reduce at least 6 kilograms. You may have short term goals which are helpful by trying to reduce one-one.. Read more

Whats the dosage and method of taking divya manohar vati in pcos?

asked by ashmita on 19 August 2014 22:07
i am 24 yrs old.wt 65 kgs, ht 5'3".i have been diagnosed with pcod.My doctor has started me on ocps and spirinolactone.i am taking these medicines since 1 week.i have started taking 3 or 4 cups of green tea and exerscing doctor has told me to reduce weight and also told me that if i dont reduce weight then she will start me on metformin(anti diabetic drug)after 3 months my cycles... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Pcos
Dr.Ramani Says:- Your BMI is 25 which is slightly overweight. As you have PCOS, it will tend to increase weight with insulin resistance. Since you have delayed cycles, it is better to take some Ayurvedic medicines to regulate your periods. Medicines like Sukumara Kasayam - 10ml with 40ml of warm water before food twice daily, Divya Rajahpravartani Vati can be taken for 3months and reviewed. Divya Medohar Vati can be.. Read more

What are the benefits of divya shilajit

asked by herbal_doc on 29 May 2010 14:58
what are the benefits of divya shilajit... Read More
Dr.Saurabh Says:- Dear Sir, In Ayurveda shilajeet is considered one of the best est rasayana (means the herb which is used to reduce the diseases and increases the longevity and prevent ageing process)It is basically a fossilized extract from the Himalayas which contain all the mineral ions and herbal qualitiesThere are many medicines in which shailajeet is used as the main component It is a master rejuvenate which.. Read more

Dr.Ramani, BAMS with 14 years of experience in Panchkarma, Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbalism, Yoga & Natural Therapies
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