Does anulom vilom helps in improving eyesight this question feed

asked by Luella on 25 March 2011 10:32
Please provide information on does anulom vilom helps in improving eyesight
Tags: Eyesight, Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Ayurvedic medicine to improve eyesight

asked by keerthi on 20 December 2014 21:28
Hello Sir/Madam, Iam 31 yrs old married woman. My eyesight no is -2.5 for both the eyes. Iam wearing specs since 7 yrs.i dont have any other problem. I want to see clearly without specs.i dont get free time to do any exercise. Plz... Read More
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Very weak eyesight of my both eyes

asked by sunnyksunny on 4 June 2015 4:51
I have very weak eye sight , power of my right eye is -2 spherical and -3.75 cylindrical and power of my left eye is -2 spherical and -3.5 cylindrical. Which Patanjali medicine should i take and for what time. I have heard of Drishti eye drop.... Read More
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Eyesight improvement/spectacles removing ayurvedic treatmnt

asked by kkcool on 29 January 2016 10:02
hello sir, my age 31 wearing glasses for last 15 years, my eyesight R/E:- (-5.5sph,0.5cyl), L/E:- -5.0sph,0.5cyl with 10 degree) kindly tell me how cud i improve my eyesight and vison, and slowly reduc the spectalcles powers, and about in how... Read More
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How to Improve Eyesight

asked by mandy123 on 18 June 2015 22:23
Hi, I am 27 years old. I wear -2.25 eye glasses. I want to improve my eye sight. It seems that my eye sight is week due to nutrition. Its not a hereditary problem. Please suggest any medicine. I started various exercises and vitamin A... Read More
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Improve Eyesight

asked by radh on 7 October 2014 11:58
Hi, Iam radhika,31 years old. iam wearing specs since 7 years. my eye sight no is 3. I want to improve my eye sight and get rid of specs bcoz iam feeling uncomfortable by wearing specs. Plz tell me if i can see clearly without specs by using... Read More
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Eyesight problem

asked by amarjit12 on 30 November 2016 9:33
I am suffering the lose of my eye vision of my left eye.i am a heart patient gone bypass and both valves changed .i am Read More
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