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Ling vardhak medicine this question feed

asked by Liama on 15 February 2011 18:57
I need information on ling vardhak medicine, thanks for your help and please provide details as soon as possible.
Tags: Ling
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Products for Sex Disorders
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Penis massage oil which provides strength to penis, acts as an alterative tonic and aphrodisiac, los..
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

A men should seek for harder and stronger penis with good stamina but not mainly for bigger penis. Only 2 inches inner vagina of a women is sensual for sexual intercourse. If men have harder and stronger penis then it would look good and attract women, to achieve such penis it is important that one should do exercise at least thrice a week. This will increase the blood circulation in the whole body including penis area, providing more strength to it.

Also certain ayurvedic oils such as orgy oil, Sanda oil, Shri gopal oil seems to be beneficial in penis enlargement and found effective. One should read others reviews before applying them. Apply these oils gently on your penis and mild massage can help increasing its height. You can also ask your partner to massage for more sensation.

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posted by YogaGuru on 13 June 2012 13:15

Latest Replies


mera linga bahuta chota he or patla bi he sex karekeliye bilkul echa nehihotahe please solution it sir my wife not satisfied and i have no child after 3.6year marriage please reply and solution of this dieases.

posted by Guest on 19 June 2013 15:54


posted by Guest on 3 June 2013 14:55

My name vikram sir ling lamba aur mota karne ke liye koi best capsual ya medcin bataye jo india me mil sake aur punjab me bhi mil sake aur sir ye bhi bataye ki ling ki lambai kitani umar tak badai ja sakti hai? Please sir mujhe jaldi mere is email par reply kar ke bataye

posted by Guest on 11 April 2013 12:06

Sir mera ling 5.5 inch hai our mere hast maithon karne ke karan ab jaldi jhadane laga hu mujhe merd ling bada karna hai batai sir mai kya karuJ

posted by Guest on 9 December 2012 2:05

hello sir mere ling ki nasee bahut fool gai h or time bhi bahut kam lagta h saz me to main konsi dawai lu or mujhe kya karna chahiye

posted by Guest on 30 October 2012 12:49

Sir mera linga bahut chota, Tedha,patla bahut chintit hu.please meri help kijiye.

posted by Guest on 30 October 2012 9:28


posted by Guest on 27 October 2012 16:19

Dear sir.mera sadi january me hone bala he . Lekin mera linga bahut chota, Tedha,patla vi he.aur age bahut skin badhi hui bahut chintit hu.please mera help kijie.

posted by Guest on 20 October 2012 10:47

mere ling ka size 5 inch hai par yeh mujhe kam lagta hai kya mere ling ka aakar 8-9 inch tak ho sakta hai bina kisi operation ke.

posted by Guest on 5 October 2012 15:41

sir meri vegina badi ho gyi hai chota krne ka upchar btay.90######62.

posted by Guest on 29 June 2012 7:54

sir mera ling chota aur patla hai pls koi dava batayi ki mera ling mota aur lamba ho jaye

posted by Guest on 13 June 2012 3:48

Sir mera ling chota aur patla hai. sex time bhi bahut kam hai please help me sir.

posted by Guest on 26 May 2012 13:21

Sir mera ling chota or patla hi plzz how it increase reply me

posted by Guest on 15 May 2012 14:34

muje mera ling or lamba or mota chahiye pls koi dava ka name batao

posted by Guest on 21 April 2012 18:58

sir naam vijay hai. mera ling chhota and patala hai. please sir ese bada aur mota karane ka upay batayen. kyo ki aaj kal mai bahut paresan rahata hu.

posted by Guest on 19 April 2012 1:06

sir mara ling aga sa mota or pacha sa patla ha please sir mari help karo

posted by Guest on 28 January 2012 15:33

Sir mera sigra potan ho jata hai, linga choto hona ke karan, kuch upay bataya???

posted by Guest on 5 December 2011 17:55

sir mera ling chota or patla hi plz ilaj bataey

posted by Guest on 27 September 2011 22:50

Dear sir Is there any medicine to increase the lenght of penis?If its avlaible then please let me know.

posted by Guest on 13 August 2011 18:25

mera ling chota aur tedha hai sidha aur bara kare ke liye kya karna parega.

posted by Guest on 6 August 2011 18:46

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Products for Sex Disorders
Helpful in controlling Premature ejaculation, Erection, Sexual health, healthy sperms and libido..
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Ling badane ke upay or dava

asked by v.kumar on 23 June 2011 0:18
Mera naam vinod kumar hai aur meri age 24 year hai aur mai varanasi city [U.p.] me rahta hoon sir mera ling chhota aur patala bhi hai kripya hume ling bada aue mota karne ke upaye bataye... Read More
20 replies  -  Related Tags: Badane, Ling, Upay
YogaGuru Says:- To increase your Ling / penis size exercising is very important. Exercising improves the blood circulation in body and give more power and strength to penis area. It also builds stamina. You may also take Shilajit and Ashwagandha churna for more power, as more power and strength means harder erection of penis which will results in increase in penis.. Read more

Ling vardhak oil

asked by kailash on 8 March 2012 22:32
pleas sir koi aisa oil ya yantra batai jo mere ling ko lamba mota kar... Read More
25 replies  -  Related Tags: Ling, Vardhak
YogaGuru Says:- List of possible Ling Vardhak oils / Penis enlargement oils :- Orgy oil Sanda oil Shri gopal oil Application of any of these oils on your penis may increase the height slightly over a prolong duration. It may also provide harder erection and strength to penis or ling. One should read reviews and customer satisfaction details before using these.. Read more

Ling bda aur mota karne ki dawa

asked by pankaj mehra on 25 May 2012 19:17
Dear sir, mera naam pankaj hai mai 17th years ka ho mai lagbhag 13th ka tha tab mai masterbution karne lga tha maine 2 saal tak ye kiya isliye jab maine ise chora to mujhe swapandosh ho gya tha ye bhi mujhe lagbhag 2 saal tak hoya tha lekin ab mujhme bahut kami aa gyi hai kirpa karke aap mujhe virya ko bharane aur shukranu ko bharane aur sath hi ling ko lamba aur mota karne ki liyd dwa bataye plz... Read More
10 replies  -  Related Tags: Ling, Kabajkabhi, Kabhi, Luzmotion
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, There are many teenage concerns those who attain puberty and once the secondary sexual characteristics are attained they are very curious about sexual related queries. So, in your case, as you are 17-year-old, if there is no sexual intercourse and as you said you stopped masturbation, with mere triggering, there may be chances of getting premature ejaculation or nocturnal emission. So, there.. Read more

Admi ke ling ki lumbai kitani honi chahiye

asked by Alden on 30 April 2011 11:57
Would like to have information on admi ke ling ki lumbai kitani honi... Read More
3 replies  -  Related Tags: Ling, Penis
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, The normal size of a human penis when in non erected or flaccid state is said to be between 2.5 and 3 inch. The erected penis has size of somewhere between 5 and 6 inch This is the average measurement of an adult male.Variations do happen among individuals.The size of penis is a part of body nature which is genetic. Like height, skin color, texture, penis size too is found to belong to the.. Read more

Ling ko badhane ka tarika

asked by Preeti mishra on 5 March 2011 11:25
I require information on ling ko badhane ka... Read More
9 replies  -  Related Tags: Penis enlargement, Ling
YogaGuru Says:- Penis enlargement is myth and bigger penis then average does not play any role in satisfying the women, so try to have better understanding with your partner instead of worrying about getting bigger penis or ling. Refrain from habits like masturbation and eat healthy food. Do exercises and pranayama it increase blood circulation in your body and also in penis, which can make it more.. Read more

Ling bada karne ke tarike

asked by Velvet on 6 March 2011 11:25
Please give advice on ling bada karne ke... Read More
8 replies  -  Related Tags: Ling
YogaGuru Says:- Ling or Penis size is important but not the only factor in good sexual intercourse. You need to understand only outer 2 inches of female vagina is sensual for penis interaction. So bigger penis does not mean more satisfaction for female. But if you still need bigger penis then my friends it is important that you understand that only stronger and harder penis erection results in bigger penis. For that.. Read more
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Shri Gopal Oil for Penis Strength
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