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Melgain lotion how to use this question feed

asked by Jolyane on 1 April 2011 10:11
I seek advice on melgain lotion how to use
Tags: Vitiligo, Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Vitiligo is otherwise known as swithra in ayurveda and has defined line of treatment along with proper diet and food to be avoided. Melgain, the product mentioned is an allopathic one and gives result on vitiligo. However result can vary from person to person and i strongly suggest you to use melgain only after proper consultation with an allopathic dermatologist. Here i shall suggest you medicines and food to be avoided for vitiligo.

  1. Mahamajishtadi kashayam - 15 ml with 45 ml of water twice daily an hour before food.

  2. Lucodex tab - (herbo med) 1 tab twice daily after food.

  3. Lucodex oint - (herbo med) for local application.

  4. Pigmento tab (charak ) - 2 tab twice daily after food.

  5. Kindly avoid sweet and salty food, fish, meat, milk, peas, beans and legumes.

Follow this for a month to three and kindly get back for follow up. Diet chart would be the same which you follow now, avoiding the ones as said above.

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posted by Dr.Sony on 23 October 2013 10:46

Latest Replies

Vitilogo disease how to many day cure these diseases.any diet control.any food avoid these diseases.any sideeffect for using theses lotion.i want know food timetable these disease.person already injured sugar, thyroid vitilogo diseases should cureable or not.

posted by Guest on 21 October 2013 14:45
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Related Questions on Ayurvedic Medicine

Vitiligo treatment

asked by singhania on 29 March 2013 15:27
sat sat pranam,, mai pichhle 7 sal se vitiligo se grasit hun, pehle armpit aur lip pe tha aur 4 saal tak stable raha aur ab dhire dhire fail raha hai....kripya iske safal ilaz ke liye apne amulya sujhav dene ki kripa kare ..apki ati kripa hogi...maine sabhi prakar ke tretment karake dekh liya haii lekin koi fayada nahin hua..khane me kya kya parhez hai...mai nonvez kafi pasand karta hun aur... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Mr.Singhaniya Namaskar You can take Lukoskin , it was well researched clinically for its effectiveness in Vitiligo Avoid Sour items, Non veg [ Actually Non veg are the kind of foods items according to Ayurveda if taken with in compatible to another food item it produces skin diseases, like Fish with mik,mooli with milk etc., Sour mango with milk etc.] , also other irritating [Blood -skin]foods.. Read more


asked by ponnu m on 12 August 2011 11:45
viligo haiiii i have got this just started 4 months ago.i am a 14 yr old child. there is judt 5-6 patches. it is sperading what should i doooo... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Vitiligo do occur due to many reasons such as hormonal imbalances, genetic reasons or hereditary factors that may appear due to irregular food habits or activities or even aggravates due to irregularity in food and activitiesDepending on spreading nature, treatment or prognosis may vary from person to person Discoloration occur due to variations in metabolism and changes in melanin pigment.. Read more

Ayurvedic treatment of vitiligo

asked by Ravi Mittal on 29 April 2013 11:50
Dear sir, I m suffering from vitiligo from last 7 year i have tried many doctors and medicine they promises for 6 month to one year but all are unable for stop to increase my weight spot, it start form my right hand ears and than right hand now going on my back and neck plz tell me any treatment for reduce my weight spot and stop spreading on other body... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- dear guest Vitiligo may start as a result of incompatible food eating habits, and if not treated in one year may be difficult to treat. In the present condition it looks like you may certain kinds of Shodhana therapies like shirovirechana,nasya etc to help cleanse and attain a normal color, find an expert in panchkarma near you also take Lukoskin for your problems, it will be very helpful Best of.. Read more


asked by rjeshhind on 13 September 2011 7:39
last 15 years, suffer from white patches on leg ,stomach,hand.i tried several type of medicene(allopathy,homeopathy,ayurvedic) but not 100% cure,pls u suggest... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Greetings from, White patches may refer to white pigmentation and called as vitiligo which due to many reasons it may appear. Basically it do occur due to lack of nutrition and if there is any kind of skin infections. One should get examined for proper cause and after ruling out, one can proceed for the ayurvedic treatment for internal and external usage. Depending on the.. Read more


asked by ashwini4 on 12 October 2011 11:36
a white patch is developed below my lips..i am 21 years old.Is there any medicine to cure this white... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, White patches over body may refer to vitiligo or leucoderma condition. You may be suffering from leucoderma or vitiligo which is due to nutritional deficiencies or vitamin deficiencies. One should see a skin specialist for proper diagnosis and there are good remedies which you can do by ayurvedic or herbal treatments. Usually in few cases, it will disappear by its own without treatment and.. Read more

Safed daag like vitiligo

asked by mkn on 12 October 2013 13:47
age - 26 Male I have safed daag on my penis foreskin inner part since less than 1 year. i don't know what type of skin disease is this but i want to cure it. i am a AVR patient means have been a arotic valve replacement surgery. i will have to take acitrom and nuril medicin for a life long so please suggest me a treatment according to this issue. Thank... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: White patches, Safed daag, Vitiligo
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, From the above description it is seen to be vitiligo affecting penile foreskin. In this case a detailed history, clinical examination and diet details are very much important to reach to a diagnosis and opt for the best treatment. The condition is said as Swithra in ayurveda and has several treatments available. Here i suggest you suitable medînes which shall be taken for upto a.. Read more

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