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I am 36 year old .male I am suffering right hand shoulder pain .doctor suggest mri  this question feed

Gokul dushing, 9 March 2018 12:56

I am doing 3T mri and Usg correlation was done.dr.suggest me operation. Riport= The tear extends from 2o clock to 9 o clock position .Associated paralabral cyst formation is noted The cyst shows multiple locutations/ internal septations measuring about 3×29×13mms size (AP×LR×SI)The cyst extends into suprascapular and spinoglenoid notches and in close relation with suprascapular neurovascular bundle.The coracohumeral distance is 19 mms without any subcoracoid impingement. Plese suggest mi what iam doing .

Tags: Shoulder
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Shoulder pain

asked by subhashkhetri on 29 December 2016 17:39
Dear Sir, i have pain in my right shoulder after taking treatment i did MRI and find below, Partial tear involving around 30% of superior fibres of subscapularis tendon at its huneral attachment with medially retracted fibres. i also took ayurvedic treatment medician and oil massagebut still having pain in shoulder pls advise any treatment or... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Pain, Shoulder
Dr.Ramani Says:- If you had continued the medicines for 3months and did take Ayurvedic medicines for 7-10days, It would be better to consult your nearest orthopaedician to get his opinion. He will be able to guide you better with clinical examination. The partial tear is sometimes managed with medicines and treatments, but if there is still pain with shoulder instability surgery may be required. If you have taken.. Read more


asked by CHINNODU on 9 January 2013 22:47
Sir, Iam a BSNL employee,native of andhra pradesh.Last year that is march/2011 i have went right shoulder brankarts repair open surgery due to recurrent dislocation of right shoulder.Iam underwent lot of physiotherapy after the surgery,but till now iam feeling discomfort while traveling on a bus or any other vehile.The problem is brankarts part of shoulder muscle is not strengthing iam regularly... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Sir Your problem of Dislocating Right shoulder is because of debility and weakness of the joint and may have been caused due to increase of Vata What you need to do here is go for Panchkarma. there are a lot of Good ayurveda practitioners in Andhra ,they may advice you for Pinda Sweda, Massage with particular strengthening oil etcThese therapy shall be mainstay of your management of recurrent.. Read more

Shoulder dislocation

asked by praveenvarthur on 29 January 2017 19:53
Hello sir, I am 24 years old and I dislocated my right shoulder recently in a traumatic way when my arm was swinging at my chest level, is there any yoga poses to stop recurrent dislocation's in the future, please help... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Dislocation's, Recurrent
Dr.Ramani Says:- A sling is advised for 3weeks after dislocation to avoid the recurrence of dislocation. Recurrence is especially common in those who are younger than 25yrs. So you must follow with the rehabilitative exercises that have been advised to strengthen the shoulder. Oil massages wwith Mahamash Tel can be used to strengthen the shoulder joint as well as the muscles. Asthiposhak Calcium Supplement Tablet.. Read more

Shoulder instability, ligaments strengthening.

asked by lakshmi_T on 29 September 2013 20:35
Sir, My brother is suffering with shoulders instability from past 2 years. He contacted some orthopaedics and physios all of them said that ligaments and rotatory cuff muscles in both shoulders were weakened. He is experiencing partial dislocations when performing sudden movements it is happening sometimes only kindly suggest remedies and medicines before the problem becomes more worse. Not... Read More
3 replies  -  Related Tags: Ligaments, Shoulder
Dr.Gautam Says:- Hello All body joints are held together by the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Inorder to attain stability, these tissues should be strong enough Ask him to avoid jerky movements and lifting heavy objects since this can lead to repeated dislocations Medicines: Mahabala tailam + ashwagandha tailam: Regular application can strengthen the joins and the ligaments, increasing its stability - After.. Read more

Neck and shoulder pain

asked by joel123 on 12 December 2017 12:35
Sir Im 32 yrs unmarried female. Im suffering with hypothyroid, diabetes and depression. Im using allopathy medicine for those problems. I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for the last 7 days. Request you to suggest medicine for the problem. Thanks and... Read More
1 reply  -  Related Tags: Neck, Pain, Shoulder
Dr.Ramani Says:- Please continue with the allopathy medicines for diabetes, hypothyroidism and depression. There are effective Ayurvedic remedies to control them and I would be glad to assist you if you can send me all the reports. Acute Neck pain is seen due to poor postures or the strain of the neck muscles. Please use the medicines for a month and then review. Ayurvedic medicines like Rasnerandadi kvath - 15ml.. Read more


asked by dinesh1973 on 23 March 2014 18:38
3 replies  -  Related Tags: Frozen, Shoulder
Dr.Ramani Says:- Frozen shoulder which is also known as Adhesive capsulitis is due to the stiffness in the capsule which surrounds the shoulder joint. This starts in three stages with the freezing stage where there will be more pain and gradual stiffness lasting from a month to 9months, frozen stage where the pain becomes better with more stiffness from 4-6months, thawing stage where the mobility becomes better from.. Read more

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