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priyasri9542, 9 September 2014 14:41

Dear Sir,

I would like to ask you that i have delivered baby 2 months back and I cannot feed my baby because of less production of milk. Kindly recommend best medicine ayurvedic / herbal medicine for more product of milk.

Warm Regards,

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Low breast milk supply could be due to lack of proper nutrition, not getting proper sleep with stress, not feeding the baby in proper intervals, any physical illness or due to the harmonal changes especially if taking birthcontrol pills. You can take Leptaden for Lactation for 3months which will increase the secretion your breast milk.

Sucking relex is very important that stimulates the secretion of breast milk. So even if the baby is sleeping try to wake so that you can feed him with regular intervals to promote the secretion of milk.

Try to include drumstick leaves, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, spinach, sesame seeds, fish, meat, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, onion and oats with milk. Include more fruits and proteins with pulses like chick pea, mung dal, beans. Try to drink plenty of water. Take proper rest.

Hypothyroidism is a common problem that is seen with low milk supply inspite of medications. So kindly remember to check if low milk supply continues after taking medicines and making dietary changes.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 12 September 2014 13:07

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It is important to know whether your labour was a normal one or a Caesarean Section . Less milk production can be due to inadequate nutritional status of the mother , excess anxiety,sorrow and worries , preterm labour , excessive bleeding during labour , diabetes and so on . Make sure that you try to feed the baby every 2 hours as long intervals between feeds can lead to less milk production . You can follow certain things in diet and lifestyle along with simple internal medications. You should drink atleast two glasses of milk daily . Include more shallots in food . You can fry shallots in ghee and have them . Include smashed green gram sprout with added ghee as breakfast . Take spinach , moringa leaves , and other leafy vegetables , ragi , urad dal preparations , sugar cane ,grapes ,pomegranate , oranges in diet . Include more garlic , fish in diet . Reduce intake of pickles , other sour and spicy food . You can have mutton soup if you are a non-veg. Internally you can take the following medicine . 1) Satavari Granules 15 g with milk twice daily .

posted by Dr.Parvathy on 12 September 2014 10:47
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