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Irregular periods n hair loss this question feed

Preeti kukreja, 28 January 2013 20:19

Namaste m 26 from 21 m seffring from irregular periods and loss my hairs also n having facial hairs my ht is 5 feet 3 inches and wt is 73 kg m not detected pcos but symptoms detect that...m taking allopathy for hormonal imbalancing but no results after the med.stop what can i do

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Dear Mam You can take 2 tabs of Vigoroyal-f twice a day, for 10 days ,then reduce it to 1 tab per day. Restone tabs. 2 twice a day, Ashokarishta 6 tsp[30 ml] with equal quantity of water mixed with it. Thanks and regards.

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posted by Dr.Sharma on 19 February 2013 0:33

Latest Replies

Hi sir. I'm 25 years old hav Pcod problem and my periods are not regular from past 1year. My height is 5.2 and my weight is 54. can u please suggest medicine.

posted by Guest on 27 April 2016 8:07

Thanks sir....in what proportion i will take medicne and what can i do for my hair can it grow back because it is female pattern loss at the grade 4 pls rep me...thnks

posted by Guest on 14 February 2013 20:59

Dear Mam Thanks for writing. Hormone imbalance ultimately directly or indirectly leads to such problems. We are not talking about the the Disease,we are talking about how it starts. Yoga definitely helps curbing the same,It will effect on physiology and then Psychology . Besides you we think that you should take medicine and see the benefits as these are just according to your problems.

Best of Luck, Regards.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 13 February 2013 14:17

Thanks sir,,,,but r u sure its just hormonal imbalancing not of pcod...and is that cure by yoga because i don't want to take any kind of medicne and what can i do for my female pattern loss is it grows again and when will i got relieve from all these cos my parents wish for my marriage this year hopefully..reply soon thanku Dr

posted by Guest on 12 February 2013 20:05

Dear MAM The problems you have described seem to be due to Hormone changes and these are directly or indirectly related with Stress levels and inactive lifestyle devoid of Yoga etc. All the Hormone release in the body are inter- related and cause each other release or block for Body functions and reproduction. Now taking Hormone from outside may help you but in long term are not safe , For that you need natural management like YOGA. We recommend you YOga VCD IT lists the most relevant Asnas suited for FEMALE body and its special functioning.you must practice it regularly and will see the difference.

Also you must take Vigoroyal-f, Restone Tablet - Women Health Tonic and Ashokarishta these are special herbal preparation for women and their problems.

best of luck,please feel free to ask further.

posted by Dr.Sharma on 11 February 2013 13:00
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