Is it safe to take Speman and Tentex Forte together?  this question feed

Peela, 6 May 2014 14:44

I am planning to take Speman and Tentex forte pills together. Two tablets of Speman and two tablets of Tentex Forte at lunch time. And same at Dinner time.

Is it safe to take 4 tablets at lunch time in one go (2 Speman and 2 Tentex Forte). And again 4 tablets at dinner time?

Tags: Pregnancy
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


It is never safe to take all 4 tabs twice daily. This is because all the ingredients present are powerful aphrodisiac and acts different on different body system.

Some individuals will have stamina to withhold these medicines while others fail which can result in hazarduos effects as well. It is seen that these medicines shall be taken only after proper consultation with an ayurvedic physician. This is because most of these products tend to increase the blood pressure which in excess is not good for the body system.

Thus at this stage to take the safe side you can either consult an ayurvedic physician or you can go for 1 tab of any of these products twice daily and not both products.It shall be noted that you have maintain a proper diet as well to get the best outcome from its use.

Consume good quantity of water and have food rich in fiber content. Practice pranayama and meditation as it is seen to have miraclous effects on both sperm count and sexual desire.

You can always write back to us on any further query and shall try to assist you at the earliest.

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posted by Dr.Sony on 6 May 2014 19:16

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Hi Dr Sony,

Thanks for your detailed reply.

Me and wife are planning for pregnancy. We have been trying since March but so far no luck. After my research, I found out that 40% of the issues are with men's sperm health which includes sperm count and motility. 50% of the issues with women, and 10% issues are just random.

Hence, I am taking a precautionary measure to consume some ayurvedic medicines. Based on my research, I found that Speman and Tentex Forte therapy is very much helpful for men.

Is there a possibility that I could have consultation with you or your team member or any other Ayurvedic doctor who could assist me and suggest the medicines to be taken?

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks in advance.


posted by Peela on 7 May 2014 13:38
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