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Itching of skin in hepatitis A jaundice this question feed

asked by krunalvintwala on 13 September 2016 23:56

I am 21 years old male recently suffered from hepatitis A jaundice. Jaundice has a symptom of itchy skin which is harassing me. At night itching of skin wont allow me to sleep and that itching is unbearable. I tried different things like bathing with neem leaves, scratching skin with ice cubes and also many moisturizing creams and lotions. But none of them seems to work. Can you please suggest me some remedy for this itchy skin?

Tags: Hepatitis, Jaundice, Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Please let me know the liver function test to guide you further. The increase in bilirubin causes itching which is normally seen with hepatitis. The inflammation of the liver will also reduce the metabolism and hence eating easily digestable food will be beneficial. Please do have regular checkups.

Medicines like Patola Katurohinyadi kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Divya Arogya vardhini vati- 1tablet thrice daily after food and Livomap tablet can be taken for a month and then rechecked.

Eat easily digestable cooked warm food. Include cucmber, bottle gourd, berries, bottle gourd, cucumber and Phyllanthus niruri. Reduce excess canned foods, oil, salt, fat and caffeine. Good rest, sleep and drinking enough water will be beneficial.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 24 March 2017 11:16

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asked by prem tanwar on 24 April 2012 12:28
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Dr.George Says:- Dear friend, It is a disorder where there is inflammation in the liver which results in the damage to hepatocytes in the liver and subsequently cell death. It occurs in hepatitis infections and jaundice is one among the clinical feature . It is the yellowish discolouration of skin, eyes and urine The most common causation of hepatitis are hepatitis A,B,C,D,E viruses. The.. Read more

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Dr.Ramani Says:- Hepatitis E is caused by the infection of the hepatitis E virus which is commonly spread through the faecal-oral route and by blood transmissions. It usually resolves in 6-8weeks, but regular checkups must be done as a fulminant form can be more severe. SGPT is more concentrated in the liver and hence it will be raised in any infection of the liver. As you start with the medicines it will gradually.. Read more

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sir, my age is 33 yrs. i have eitching & redness on my skin when i eat egg, milk, more oily & spicy food. alopathy doctors said this is allergy called "follicalitis". also i feel my stomach at lower portion hard after motion or after eating food, some gas problem. what should be the treatment in patanjali... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Folliculitis is due to the infection of the follicles in the sebaceous glands triggered by allergy. As with Ayurveda, digestion is an important factor to be corrected while treating skin disorders. Hence medicines can be taken to improve the digestion and relieve the symptoms in skin like itching or blisters Ayurvedic medicines like Aragwadadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice.. Read more

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