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Kidney stone this question feed

dev_anshul, 10 January 2015 9:08

Hello sir, i m 25 years female suffering from kidney stone right kidney 5.09mm left kidney 3.09mm and 2.04mm on upper and lower aspects. Its been more than 6 months m taking himalaya arurvedic medicine cystone also m taking kurthi dal in morning since few days. My problem is my pain is usually directed on right side of lower abdomen which is almost whole day it aggrevates during my pressure for faeces removal. Also i m suffering from heavy gastritis. Which aggrevates while m empty stomach. I started taking trifla churan which lead to relieve.but then the pain subsides n comes back during such situations.i am a dentist myself seeking for ayurvedic treatment please guide me. Please sir reply

Tags: Kidney, Stones
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

As you must be aware, Kidney stones which are caused due to the increased concentration of the salts. You have mentioned that you have been taking Cystone for 6months and did you do a scan to check the kidney stones? Please let me know to guide you further. Rectal tenesmus is a pain felt in the rectum especially when the stone is in the lower portion of the ureter causing some discomfort while defeacating. So if you take a scan, it will be helpful to find the cause. For gastritis, you can some medicines which will help you to improve your digestion.

Medicines like Gandharvahastadi kasayam - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Sooktyn for Hyperacidity can be taken and Triphala churnam can be continued.

Eat healthy food with more vegetables and fruits. Include barley, coriander, plantain stem and cabbage. Reduce excess sweets, salt, fried foods and uric acid rich foods like parsley, sweet potatoes, soya, peas, chocolates, meat. Drink enough water. Try to have good sleep which will also improve your energy levels and a better health.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 15 January 2015 1:51

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Stone of 6mm size in both kidney

asked by subhi79 on 13 June 2012 13:42
I am suffering from'6mm'kidney stone problem in both kidneys. Taking'Pathreena' & Chandranasav syrup from 5 months. can u tell me how long should i take the pills.I am get sick & tired of taking pills from such a long time. how much time will stone take to get dissolve??... Read More
Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- Nilstone for Kidney/Bladder Stones is found to be very effective for kidney stones. It comes in the form of capsules and ayurvedic medicine. It needs to be taken maximum for 9 days, 2 capsules everyday in the morning with lime water without adding salt. Total 18 capsules. It dissolves the stone and you might see results in first 2 days. I have used it myself. Check ayurvedic distirbutor or shop nearby.. Read more

Kidney ke pathri ke precaution or medicine

asked by sagar badoni on 6 July 2016 8:53
Mera naam sagar hai or mai 21 saal ka hu ek mahine pehle mere pet mai achank dard hua bhut tej tho maine ultrasound krvaya tho usme right side kidney mai pathri or lever mai infection(sujan) tha tbse mai homeopathic ke medicine lera hu liken maine bhut logo se suna hai ke patanjali ke medicine bhut helpful hai kidney stone ke liye isliye plz mujhe btaeye ke pathri mai kya khana chaheye or kya nhi... Read More
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Expert's Advice (YogaGuru):- For kidney stones take Niletone capsules.. Read more

Kidney failure

asked by vikas on 10 July 2010 11:23
Baba ji ko mera charan sparsh! pichle ek saal se meri maa kidney rog se rog grast hai. par abhi tak ek baar v dailysis nahi hua hai.Doctors k anusar kuch mahino me ab dailysis karana pad sakta hai.main ab aelopathik treatment se tang aa chuka hoon aur main dailysis nhi karana chahta hoon.kya aayurvedik treatment dwara is rog ka ilaz shambhav hai? main middle class family se hoon par fir v main... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, If the kidneys functioning is not well, you need to go for dialysis in order to avoid risk. As ayurvedic medicines may not accurate or helpfor more details, please contact us With.. Read more

Regarding food for kidney failer person

asked by kamalsingh on 13 September 2011 7:36
what u mean high calories and low protien food, pls explain which food is high claories and which food is low protien. kamal singh... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Greetings from, As kidney’s prime function is to excrete the waste products after metabolism and excess fluid from blood and body. If kidneys are not functioning well, it is advised to consume the foods that will not put much pressure on kidneys and simultaneously the food should act as nourishment to body. Your diet should be very special that one should get enough calories.. Read more

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