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naseer, 13 November 2011 18:05

Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Knee pain do occur due to many factors like overweight, history of trauma, lack of nutrition, long standing works, and in few cases, it is genetic origin also. After understanding the facts, one can go for appropriate treatments. If your Knee pain is mild to moderate, you can manage with simple medications and mild modification in foods. If you go for radiograph tests, and if there is any signs of osteoarthritis, you need to be careful enough to prevent the symptoms and in order to strengthen the ligaments and to prevent wear and tear. Following medicines like Divya Maha Yograj Guggulu, Divya Brihad Vata Chintamani Ras, Package medicine which contains which contains Ashwagandha Capsules, Guggulu Capsules, Shallaki Capsules, Haridra Capsules, which are helpful for arthritis condition. You can apply medicated oil such as Rehuma oil is helpful. Practice yoga and naturopathy along with meditation which helps to maintain stability of knee joints. Use knee caps to maintain stability of firmness while walking.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 13 November 2011 20:07

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dear sir koti-koti pranam. mari patni age 43 yrs.03 varsh sa dibitise hai.dono ghutna ma dard rahta hai.plz advice kiya jay.main aapka abhari rahunga.

posted by MANU JE on 13 February 2016 10:28
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