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Liver cirrhosis this question feed

hitesh bansal, 4 January 2014 17:43

my father is 47 year old,he is suffering from liver cirrhosis in jaundice due to intake of alcohol in high quantity,so please suggest me some solution and medicine

Tags: Cirrhosis, Liver
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


The most common disease or clinical condition affecting liver is cirhossis. This is a condition in which there is liver damage due to chronic injury. There is blockage of blood through liver and unhealthy cells or scar tissue replace the original hepatic cells. Faulty diet and excessive consumption of alcohol are the chief factors responsible for this condition.

Here i shall explain you the treatment modalities effective for cirhossis which can be taken as an initial line of management.

  1. Take juice of leaves of eclipta alba called as bhringaraja along with honey. This shall be taken twice daily.

  2. Katuki tab (himalaya pharmaceutical) - 1 tab at night after food.

  3. Arogyavardhini tab - 2 tab twice daily after food.

  4. Yakrit plihantak choorna - 1 tsp twice daily to be taken with luke warm water.

  5. Cap. liver detox - 2 tab twice daily after food.

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posted by Dr.Sony on 7 January 2014 10:46

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