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YogaGuru, 19 January 2013 13:14

my wife was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2005. after surgery (no chemo, no radiation) it "came back".

We have been doing different things since 2007.

any suggestions? liver pretty inflamed. very itchy skin. a lot of heat in the body/liver.

your suggestions appreciated.

can the products you suggest be purchased here in Brampton?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Dear Guest

Liver is the Most active organ of the Body, From Detoxification to Drug modification to Digestive system regulation , it does almost as many as 500 actions per day.

If affected then , its Harmful for the body from the start as even digestion is not proper and liver toxicity as a result of chemo etc.

Now what must be done here to keep malignancy at bay and make it functioning to the fullest etc is to start with Godhan diluted in water. It will help keep it in check.

Then She may also take Maharishi Amrit kalash in little quantity to start with as she has some pitta already,then gradually inc. the dose.

Livomap, Giloya ras [to be taken as much as possible for long time], Avipattikar churna, all these have special effect on liver and help regulate Pitta and will help relieve symptoms.

Pranayam specially Anuloma viloma will be good for her ,balancing.

Keep writing further. best of luck.

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posted by Dr.Sharma on 21 March 2013 10:50

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