LOW BP ke liya kon sa yoga karana chahiya this question feed

hiteshkotadiya, 30 March 2014 10:27

Dear Sir,

Mereko LOW BP he uske liya kon sa yoga karana chahiye.

May be Low BP se per (pav) me dard rehta he.head bhi bhari rahta he.or head me kuchh khali sa mehsus hota he or rat ke nind ud jati he.

or dushra subh uthke pani pi ke kitne time bad yoga chalu kar sakte he..

Mera Age 31 yrs or male

Regards, Hitesh

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


Low Blood Pressure otherwise called Hypotension is more likely to occur due to a genetic Influence.It can be worsened by lack of exercise or body movements.It is considered as low when the Blood presure reads below 100/60mmHg. This is a condition in which your heart is slow in pumping blood and so all your organs including brain is getting reduced blood supply so there is lack of oxygen and other nutrients for its function .

And so you feel lethargy always and feels tired even after doing very little work , headache due to less blood supply to brain , gasping , body aches, Dizziness or even fainting etc. Low blood pressure or Hypotension is equally bad as that of Hypertension as if the diastolic pressure is going below 60 it can develop shock or stroke etc.

Ideal way to raise Bp level is to have lot of salt content in the diet.It is good to do yoga like surya Namaskar regularly and jogging for half an hr.This will forcefully activates heart to pump more blood so that Bp will become normal. Divya Lohasava 25ml with equal water twice daily.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 5 May 2014 9:42

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raju kulkarni 60 years suffering chronic constipation problem since 40 years previously I use to consume alcohol . now I left alcohol completely sir, what ayurvedhic medicine and yogasana you advise please

posted by Guest on 26 August 2015 17:26


Although medically it is said that 120/80 is the correct or normal blood pressure, research studies has shown that athletes who are physically fit are bearing a blood pressure of 90/60 throughout. This tells that blood pressure varies between individual and it is hard to mention a cut off value for normal blood pressure.

When you mention you are suffering from low blood pressure , you must be facing issues such as giddiness, diziness, weakness of body etc. There are several causes which are responsibe for low blood pressure. However this can be known through investigations such as blood tests, radiological studies and cardiac testing.

Here i suggest you to currently avoid yoga postures at this stage. All yoga s are meant to reduce the blood pressure thereby worsening your condition. Initial step of treatment includes improving the amount of salt content in your diet and having proper rest. This is seen helpful in overcoming the scenario in majority of cases.

Give enough rest to your body and have good diet including meat and milk.

posted by Dr.Sony on 5 April 2014 11:43
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