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Low hemoglobin  this question feed

Kinjal30, 24 April 2017 12:03

Hello doctor My age is 28 and m suffering from low hemoglobin its usually between 9 to 10 I have regular periods and no heavy flow. M married and we are also planning for baby in next 4 to 5 months so its okay to take tgis medicine during pregnancy Please provide aayurvedic medicine for hemoglobin Thanks

Tags: Bp, Low, Times
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, Decreased haemoglobin in blood is termed anaemia in modern sciences and pandu in ayurveda. In decreased level of haemoglobin the oxygen supply to skin and vital organs is decreased thereby causing pallor texture of skin. It is highly advisable to increase the haemoglobin levels with following 3 months course before conception to have a healthy pregnancy- 1.Dhatri lauha- one tablespoon with luke warm water or lime water twice a day after meals or once empty stomach in morning 2.Lohasava- 30ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals. 3.Amalkya avleha- one tablespoon with luke warm water after meals twice a day. 4.Punarnava mandoor- 250mg with luke warm water after meals twice a day. In diet intake of vitamin C enriched food products should be encouraged as vitamin C increases the iron absorption in intestine. Barley, spinach, guava, brinjal, buttermilk, fry grapes, lemon, amla, milk, green gram, banana and gooseberry should be taken to increase the iron intake. Sour and salty, pungent food, spicy food, alcohol intake, excessive physical exercises, and mental stress should be avoided.

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posted by Dr.Kanika on 25 April 2017 22:38

Latest Replies

Hello doctor thanks for ur feedback ..o wanted to knw that can i start folic acid tablet now or before ome month and also suggest me dat howmuch dosage or power of folic acid should i take Thank u

posted by Guest on 25 April 2017 15:30

Hi As you told your HB value it is not so much low it can be improve by diet only. firstly you should improve your diet, you have to include green leafy vegetables and specially for better result beet root. If you want fast result then you should go for some medicine and also they are safe if you have planned for a baby 1. Saptamrut loha if you take this in tablet form take 1-1 tablet in morning nd evening with luke warm water, or if it is in churna form then take 1 table spoon BD or 2. Punarnavadi mandur-1-0-1 morning nd evening one one tablet this help to increase hemoglobin Along with it you should improve your digestion for that you go for Triphala Churna, Amla juice You should improve your liver functionality for that you go for Liv. 52 and yoga or exercise also recommended In yoga you should go for Pranayam, Anulom Vilom, Surya Namaskar. And if you conceived then go for Pranayama and Anulom-Vilom only. Also you planned for baby you should start Folic acid tablet must.

posted by DR SUMAN on 25 April 2017 13:33
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Less hemoglobin in infant

asked by Rajeshji on 16 September 2014 15:59
Hello Doctor, I have a child and his hemoglobin is less then normal. He was not fed with mother's milk due some reason and seems weak to me then normal child. His age is one and half years. I would request you to suggest me ayurvedic medicine which are available easily in Delhi from well known manufacturer. Because if you suggest me some products which are only available in south india then... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Anaemia is a common problem in kids when there is a deficiency of iron in the diet. This leads to reduced Haemoglobin which makes the kids more prone to infection and a lack of nourishment. There will not be clear symptoms in kids. So it is necessary to check the Haemoglobin and other blood tests to rule out the other possibilities of any inherited anemias. If it is less than 11g/dl, iron supplements.. Read more

Ayurvedic medicines to decrease hemoglobin

asked by mank4900 on 28 May 2016 12:35
My father is suffering from polycythemia vera. Please suggest ayurvedic medicines to decrease... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Polycythemia vera is a defective function of the bone marrow in producing more red blood cells. Please let me know whether your father is taking any allopathy medicines and the complete blood count to guide you further. It is a chronic condition which is managed by the symptoms. It is essential to have regular checkups to prevent complications like deep vein thrombosis. Ayurvedic medicines work by.. Read more

Decreasing hemoglobin in pregancy

asked by Mitra on 8 July 2016 19:01
I am a house wife age about 25year now I am 7month pregant ,my hemoglobin contine decrease.nowvit is 7 to 8 level I eat sufficiant vegitable and juices.but hemogolin level not increased,also I taken 4 times blood but hemoglobin not what type of ayurbedic medicine i suggest... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Anemia is a common problem faced during pregnancy. As the body requires more blood to nourish the growing feotus, it causes anemia if there is not enough iron in the diet. Please continue with the regular checkups with your gynecologist. Anemia increases the risk of preterm labour and hence care must be taken of. Please continue with the supplements as it is advised to take if the heamoglogin is.. Read more

Bleeding piles and low hemoglobin

asked by ashu_taru on 5 December 2016 18:37
hello doctor, i am 23 year old feamle. i was suffering from non bleeding piles since 4 year but i took alopathy treatment,that gave relief for somtime and last 6 months i am suffering from bleeding piles. for bleeding piles i took allopathy dr. treatment but that is not parmanent solution. Now sir, I am also worrying about my blood loss, and my current hemoglobin is 9gram/L. please help me... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- It is necessary to rule out the other causes of bleeding if it persists. Anemia is a common problem seen when there is heavy bleeding. If the piles is treated properly the symptoms resolve within a month. The heamoglobin becomes normal within 6months. So try to have healthy food and do the checkup as advised Medicines like Chiruvilvadi Kvath- 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food, Agastya Rasayanam.. Read more

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