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Lumps in breast  this question feed

asked by anuanu on 1 April 2013 11:07

i am 23 yrs old . i have lumps in my both breasts.doctors said this is nothing to worry about. but it is sometimes painful and the size of right one has increased....m too much tensed abt it plz suggest something....

Tags: Breast, Lumps, Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Dear Godhan may be low on taste but very high in benefits for you, it may help reduce the size. Ayurveda Pack these medicine work in the Growths" .pushyanuga churna will have some purification effects also.

DO some yoga along with ,yoga for woman. It will help tone up the whole body and release the stress also due to constant feeling.

Best of luck

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posted by Dr.Sharma on 3 April 2013 21:22

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Decreasing Breast size

asked by srrr on 22 September 2011 12:32
reduce my brest My breast size 36 inches plzzz plzzz give me some advise to reduce the breast size... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, Greetings from, Usually, the development of breast completes in one year to two years after attaining menarche, and after that there will be development of fibrous and fatty tissues that continues to grow and depending on the density of fibrous and fatty tissues, the size of breasts differs, and that may be hereditary or depending on their dietary methods or activities or.. Read more

How to loose weight during breast feeding

asked by asm on 18 January 2013 18:31
Namaskara, I am 32 years old with 7 months baby boy, I feed him 3 times in day time and 2 times in night. My hight is 5.2" and weight is 73. Please help me to loose 20 kgs in a month. Thank... Read More
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Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Mam Congratulations and Hope you are enjoying the Mother ship and feeling of being a mother We would like to share with you that the medicine taken during Lactation may get secreted in milk and which may not be in best interest of the baby, Also loosing 20 kgs in a month is too much stiff. SO usually its not a best practice to take these medicine during this time.Also like the nutrition baby.. Read more

About stooping breast feeding

asked by asw on 16 July 2014 14:50
Namaskarji, My son is 2 years old and now want to stop breast feeding, I am feeding through one breast and stopped feeding other breast. Is there any problem if stop one breast and feed through only one breast. Please suggest me. Is there any medicine to stop breast feeding. Thank... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Weaning is generally advised between one and two years which is decided based on your child's health. It is also a physiological process by which it will stop naturally. As you feed your child well before feeding, it will help to consume less milk. It will gradually reduce the supply of breast milk. If you stop one breast first, if there are no problems like mastitis due to excess milk there is.. Read more

Breast lumps

asked by Honeygupta on 1 February 2017 13:26
Hello baba ji I m 28 year,there is lumps in my left side of breast.i have no problem with it..but i want to knw some medicine for that.becouse after some months i getting marraige so i worried about it.its not creat any problem in... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Lumps in the breast is a common concern in females. But most of them like the lipoma, fibroadenoma and other cysts are benign in nature and do not cause any health risks. I shall suggest you with some basic Ayurvedic medicines that will help to reduce the lump. It could be a glandular tissue enlargement or a fatty mass. As with Ayurveda any lump or mass is due to excess kapha, mamsa or muscle and.. Read more

Breast Enlargement & Fullness

asked by shakkilaa on 3 January 2017 16:55
I am 39 years of age, I am married have children and i have breast fed my children, I have no complaints about my health like diabetes, high blood pressure no such problems till now. I menstruate every 28 days and i don't follow any diet. I have normal breasts but they are loose i need fullness into my breast so that they would look enlarged and more firmer. Kindly suggest how i can make them... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- The best way to make your breasts look good and firmer is exercising. Do jogging 4 times a week. If you can do yoga like suryanamaskar then you will get better results. Regular figaro olive oil massage will also give good shape to your breasts. You can massage yourself or ask your partner to give you breast massage thrice a week... Read more

Breast reduction

asked by harshareddy on 28 March 2013 10:41
I am 22 years unmarried girl... My breast size is becoming big now a days comparing to my weight.... I just want to reduce my breast size before my marriage... Pls give me some suggestions to reduce my breast... Read More
Dr.George Says:- Dear sister, I went through ur letter.I understand that u worried about the size of ur breast.I just request u to think over certain facts that may help u to get rid of this worry.First o all a person's beauty lies on some body elses eyes..think in such a positive way.That positiveness will defenitely reflect in ur face.Try for certain specialised undergarments.U can use aloe vera.. Read more

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