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Medicine,doctor for hearing and learning disability in Mumbai  this question feed

asked by BK.84 on 13 February 2018 4:11

Om,sir, please my child age 11,female has severe to moderate hearing loss in both ears,she use hearing aid and now is been adjusted to it but if there is any medicine in our Ayurveda to cure it then please suggest the name of medicine she also has learning disability, she is very intelligent and is able to understand things when taught so quickly and very good in maths but have difficulty in reading and writing and due to which her confidence is getting low, please if there any medicine in Ayurveda to treat it please suggest name, how is sankhapushpi, please give Dr.address & name in Mumbai who can solve our problems so I can take my daughter to him and start medicine .please help us out,hope to get reply soon, please please

Tags: Dyslexia, Hearing, Loss, Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Regarding sensorinurial hearing loss

asked by indrajit on 27 January 2012 16:19
sir,i am 23 years male suffering from moderate hearing loss. they say to put herring aid in ear. i have heard about panchakarma treatment is very help full for curing this. can my hearing power be reversed using ayurvedic treatment?... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you are suffering from moderate hearing loss and as your age is 23-year-old, it is better to continue hearing aid and if this hearing impairment is related to Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) that may take time to recover and if your complaint is minor or mild to moderate hearing loss, that has to be get treated accordingly. Following well balanced nutrition and regular intake of vitamins.. Read more

Regarding high frequency hearing loss

asked by sunidhi on 1 August 2015 18:40
Hello vijay sir I feel some improvement. Before When any vechile pass from my side and blow horn i feel headace and nerve pain.But now i feel less. Now my present problem is that i am listening buzing sound and sometimes ringing also.My left ear also ringing once or twice a week.Both ears itching daily and sometimes intermitten pain. I have high frequency hearing loss in right ear 23 db.I have... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Frequency, Hearing, High, Loss, Regarding
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As of now, whatever the medications you are currently taking, you can continue the same. You will get results slowly. As you are having recurrent upper respiratory infections and due to accumulation of too much phlegm, you might be suffering from severe itching in ears and already there is sensorineural hearing deficiency, and with the history of bronchial asthma, you might have be having.. Read more

Hearing loss and whistle sound in Ear

asked by neetarani on 11 June 2013 13:54
I am 28 years old female, I am not able to hear from my left ear and have a whistle sound continues this from past 12 days, i do not have any pain, but I have giddiness. ENT doctor said, that my left ear nerve is weak. Doctor prescribed some medicine which might help to recover , but he did not give guarantee. today he is asked me to take steroids in the ear. i am bit worried. Kindly suggest... Read More
2 replies  -  Related Tags: Ear, Hearing, Hearing loss, Loss, Sound
Dr.Sony Says:- Hello, It is probably an auditory nerve damage as Cochlear nerve or vestibulo cochlear nerve.A detailed check up, history, allopathic reports are very much important to reach to a diagnosis and suggest best treatment In your case Karnapoorana and karna kshalana are two best options available which can be done from the nearest ayurvedic hospital.Apart from these two external therapies internal.. Read more

Any Medicine for Hearing Loss person

asked by Shailendra Kumar on 26 June 2013 11:55
Age-7 years Gender -Male hearing Loss 80 db each ear Hearing Loss no any person in Family and Next Daughter is Born Ok ... Read More
YogaGuru Says:- dear sir you may start giving sarivadi vati for chewing also pour some drops of bilwadi oil ,orr visit a panchkarm center near for Karna poorna procedure also give kumar kalayan ras and arvindasava which may.. Read more

Muffled & reduced hearing / Cold

asked by on 29 October 2012 10:33
I am 68 years veg male suffering from reduced/muffled hearing and cold since 3 months. My right side ear drum has lost its elasticity and gone inside and got stuck as per ENT Dr.Taken medicines prescribed by ENT doctor, but there is NO improvement. Is there any ayurvedic treatment to bring back my hearing and restore normalcy of right ear... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you said if you are suffering from cold continuously for 3 months and there is a chance for your ear drum to get affected or damaged and due to continuous violent blowing of nose. And also as age advances your ear drum elasticity and hearing capacity can be reduced as a result of the normal degeneration process of the body So you can take the following medicines and eardrops which are.. Read more

Diziness, light-headedness and hearing loss

asked by HimMittal on 15 January 2013 16:32
Hello sir, I am 26 years old male. I am working in software industry as a developer. I was diagnosed with bi-lateral hearing loss due to Otosclerosis. So, I underwent Stapedectomy surgery but very unfortunately it failed after 1 month. And then later I suffered from problem of Perilymph Fistula, for which I underwent Tympanometry surgery in which the hole made in my ear from Stapedectomy was... Read More
Dr.Sharma Says:- Dear Mr.Him Your recent problems like vertigo,dizziness ,head spinning appear due to your earlier problems .It may be probable cause that INFECTION HAS GONE BAD, .We don't know when was the last time you got it checked We strongly suggest that you take a second opinion for the sameTill that infection is cured ,you may not get proper reliefbut we may suggest you some medicine like Package of.. Read more

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