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Migraine and Headache this question feed

asked by naveen_jaat68 on 8 September 2014 13:19

Baba ji,

I have lot of pain in my head and Doctor has told me that I suffer from migraine. Please tell me some medicine. I do not get sleep at night. I wake up early in morning. All day I feel sleepy. Please give ayurvedic solution to my problem.

Baba ji mery sir mei bhoot dard hota hai dr ne migera tellin bataya aap plz koi dawa bataye raat ko neend nahi aati hai subhe jaldi aankh khul jati hai din bhar aankho mei neend rahti hai

Tags: Head, Migraine, Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Migraine headache is an intense throbbing sensation in the head which can last for hours to days. It can be managed with the right medicines, lifestyle changes, proper sleep which will make a difference.

As you have mentioned with difficulty in sleeping, it is considered as a major trigger for Migraine. This causes low levels of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin levels are usually low during an attack. So it is better to exercise like walking for half an hour and reducing stress will increase the serotonin levels. Change of weather, harmones, stress, alcohol are also other triggers. Genetics play a role in getting migraines and it is due to the changes in the brain stem that causes the pain along the trigeminal pathway.

Medicines like Varunadi kasayam - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Aswagandha churnam can be taken for a month. Nasyam with Anu thailam can be done regularly.

Eat healthy foods with frequent intervals. Try not to skip eating. Reduce cheese, chocolates, pickles. Yogasanas like virasana, janusirsasana, paschimottasana, balasana, halasana, adomukhasvanasana, matsyendrasana and Pranayamam, Meditation are effective in controlling the attacks.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 10 September 2014 7:27

Latest Replies

Take these medicine Divya medha quath( Put two spoon of medha quatth in 400 ml water and keep it for whole day , afterwards boil it till 100ml mixture remains,then filter it and cool it completely, take it in empty stomach in evening and do same procudure for morning) Divye medha wati(two tab after meal and dinner)

posted by Guest on 18 June 2015 13:59

Hello sir / mam, In migraine person get a tremendous headache where patient can’t sleep or couldn’t concentrate on anything else. Even patient gets nausea and sometimes patient feels better after vomiting. This can be cured permanently if you follow proper medication , pranayama practices and diet. You should go for following medication: 1. (cephagrain tablets) ( )- two tablets twice a day 2. Sutshekhar ras vati- two tablets three times a day 3. ( cephagrain nasal drops) ( ) - two drops in each nostril daily. Do gargles after 15 minutes with warm water. In diet- avoid all sour item like lemon, oranges, tamarind, kokam,etc .Avoid anything made up of chana dal and maida. In pranayama do kapalbhati and other pranayama practices. If possible do neti ( jalneti and sutraneti). You can use baba ramdev cd of pranayama for migraine. Don’t apply any lepa over head or don’t take steam it will increase your problem.

posted by Dr.Priyadarshini on 9 September 2014 15:17
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Dr.Sharma Says:- dear Shirah soola yani head ache kai karno se ho sakta hai,like Vata jo apni natural direction me na ho ya locally badh gya ho make sure ki apko constipation na ho,isase headache badh sakta hai, hamesha garam khana khaye,thanda khane se sir dard badh sakta hai Ap iske liye ayurvedic dawa jase ki Migraine,chronic headache and depression le sakte hai Aur koshish kare ki Shudh desi ghee me bani jalebi.. Read more

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