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Shihaz, 10 January 2018 16:52

Sir. 4 year boy,motion not is easily, start in one month,usage only english medicine.sleeping is not normal ,urine is now okay,no other habit ,,blood pressure is normal

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Occult blood and heavy bacteria in stool can i take Mukta vati

asked by Akshat21 on 3 July 2012 22:17
I am having divya mukta vati for last 2 days for high blood pressure. for past 2 months i am having mucus(as it comes in dysentery) with kind of spume with my stool in the end.sometimes it becomes normal and in few days it starts again. I am weakening also. My weight was 70 kg and it declined by 3-4 Kgs in one month and now its almost constant to 66-67 kgs.I feel like something is slightly stuck... Read More
YogaGuru Says:- Mucus in stool is normal sometimes. The intestines produce mucus to maintain a lubricated inner intestine. If mucus increases suddenly then it has to be noted and needs medical treatment Blood and Mucus in stool could be due to inflammation of the intestines, other causes are Crohn's disease, Diverticulitis, Ulcerative colitis, Celiac disease. Patient can also suffer from gas, bloating as well.. Read more


asked by vikash on 4 November 2010 13:35
Respected Sir, My wife is suffring from AML M4 (Blood cancer)at last two months.Age - 24 yrs,in last two month she take a medicine at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,MUMBAI.but no any changing in bone marrow report (Abnormal Cells/Blasts-47%)after first chemotherapy.latest CBC report(2-nov-2010) is == Hb-10.2 gm/dl,Rbc count-3.40 millions/cumm,Platelet count-1.10 lakhs/cumm,Wbc count-8700 /cumm.I need a... Read More
Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you may aware that the Leukaemia is cancer of the white blood cells and If bone marrow is producing abnormal white blood cells and leading to abnormal circulatory functioning In your wife’s case Leukaemia may occur as acute and there would be symptoms such as infections, weight loss, tiredness, fever, easy bruising etc Hence, along with the therapies like chemotherapy, radiation.. Read more

Blood sugar

asked by Bhartiya on 10 March 2015 0:43
My mother is a diabectic patient.she takes 1 1/2-zoryl M1 daily, olmetrack h40 for hyprtension, metolar past 5-6 Years. Her fasting blood sugar ranges between 110-140 & Pp- 150 To 175, iwant to cure her through ayurvedic medicine.pls guide me some... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- As per the given reports, the blood sugar values are within the normal range for a diabetic person. So you can give her Ayurvedic medicines to control the blood sugar along with the allopathy medicines. Try to check the blood sugar levels once in a week and adjust the dosage with the help of your doctor. Once the sugar level is controlled, you can reduce or even stop the allopathic tablet. But the.. Read more

Blood pressure/LDL/Triglicerides.

asked by prasada on 20 July 2014 13:12
Dear Doctor, Recently, I had a high blood pressure since my BP reading was 170/120. After that, one Indian doctor suggested me to take Hyzaar 50mg. I am taking it almost for about a month. Now, yesterday I had checked my BP, it was 130/90. I am doing physical exercise,yoga, pranayams and reducing salt in my food, eating chapathis, vegetables, cutting down fried items, taking only low fat yoghurt.... Read More
Dr.Ramani Says:- If the blood pressure is below 150/100 in the first checkup and if with dietary changes it becomes less than 120/80mmHg, there is a possibility to stop taking medicine. But it has to be checked regularly when the B.P is higher than that like in stage 2 hypertension. As in your case the B.P was high, the dosage can be reduced gradually and based on the readings it can be decided. But generally there.. Read more

Blood cancer

asked by Babygirl on 26 November 2016 16:30
Hi, i am a girl of 18 year i have blood cancer from past 6 years. I am unmarried. My treatment was being done from jamsedpur, TMH .In my family my father is suffering from diabeties from last 25 years before his marraige.sometimes i do yoga i.e anulombilom and kapalbhati but not regularly.i sleep well, dnt hav any sleep liver is swalled nd spleen has came out due to its enlargement .no... Read More
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Dr.Ramani Says:- Blood cancer is treated based on the type and the stage of the cancer. Basically blood cancer is an umbrella term used to indicate the cancer of the white blood cells, bone marrow and lymphatic system. Please let me know the treatments and your investigation reports to guide you further. It usually causes anemia as it affects the bone marrow which is responsible for the production of the blood.. Read more

Blood cancer

asked by Buntu on 3 November 2016 21:45
Sir my brother is diagonised with blood cancer and his treatment is going on in DMC hospital ludhaina and after first chemotherapy he is unable to walk I can send his reports and I wanna to bring him at ur cancer hospital sir is it possible.sir I solider in Indian army and the patient is my elder brother and his age is 29 yrs old and he is young and healthy.what I will do sir pls help me... Read More
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YogaGuru Says:- You should try giving Amalakai rasayana to your brother as it will decrease the side effects of chemotherapy in your brother. It also helps in repairing DNA of cancer patient and has no side effects. You can buy this from any patanjali clinic and also take advice from there. If you need to bring your brother to patanjali hospital then you need to call the helpline line number and take appointment... Read more

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