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My son is now 3 year old he is studying in class nurresy, he is good in oral, but he is not good in writing section. What type of right treatment should give him..he is not hold a pencil in proper way or not writing any single line should be in right this question feed

Anuvinu, 8 December 2018 0:43

My son is now 3 year old he is too much active, in all files, but he is not have a good grip in right hand for hold pencil and write in proper manner, he is studying in class nurresy, he is good in oral subject but he is not good in writing skills, what should I do,sir I do not want he eats non veg ,please give me good suggestion that he not eat non veg in any who,? Ple give me good medcine for brain growth too

Tags: Brain, Growth, Skills, Writing
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Express Delivery to USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and WorldWide.
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