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Need Medicine For Brain Srroke Patient this question feed

raj_111080, 3 June 2017 14:49


My father has Brain Stroke on 09.03.2017.

I m giving Alopathic and Ayurvedic medicines both since then.

Ayurvedic medicines I am giving is Brain-O-Care Syrup, Greelive Syrup and Nurocare Tablets.

But after reaching certain level of improvement, not much improvementis there.

Can you suggest some other medicines.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Stroke happens due to the oxygen deprivation in the brain. Ischemia or haemorrhage is the main cause for stroke. The recovery is based on the intensity of the damage to the brain tissues. The response of the treatment will be better if the treatment is given immediately and a good progress is seen within 3months. Some people improve even after a year or two. Normally Ayurvedic treatments like oil massage, pizhichal, leaf poultice, shirodhara and vasti are advised to improve the progress after stroke.

Package Medicine for Paralysis can also be taken.

Include coriander, almonds, drumstick leaves, celery, ginger, turmeric, garlic and cinnamon. Reduce excess fatty foods, salt, refined flour, canned foods, cold refrigerated foods, sugar and oil. Rehabilitative exercises are also essential to improve the muscle tone. Please do have regular checkups as advised by your doctor.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 8 June 2017 13:18

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Hello, Internal brain hemorrhage leads to brain stroke causing a clot to be stuck in vessels in brain. This suppression or excess pressure by clot over arterioles leads to the extra pressure over brain parts and thus suppressing certain brain parts which affect physical activity associated that part. Hypoxia leads to death of brain parts. According to ayurveda, vata dosha causes the obstruction. Ayurvedic recommendations along with conventional medicines for 4 months are as follows- 1.Maha yog raj guggul- 2 tablets thrice a day after meals with luke warm water. 2. Ekang veer ras- 250mg twice a day with luke warm water after meals. 3.Maharasnadi kashya- 30 ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals. 4. Dashmooladi kwath- 30 ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals. Pachkarma procedures regulates the flow of vata dosha thus stimulates the brain activity effectively. Shirodhara with dashmoola kwath and shiro basti with ashwagandha lepa are recommended to increase the brain circulation Anuvasana basti and asthapana basti with dhanwantri tailum and dashmoola kwath should also be administered regularly.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 7 June 2017 18:45
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