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Obesity ayurvedic medicine this question feed

asked by ishi on 10 May 2010 13:41

namaskar dr. i am 35 year old woman and have 4 year old daughter. i had ceasarian. at present my weight is 80 kgs and my height is 152cms. i have no other medical problem. how can i reduce my weight and can i take Divya Medohar Vati along with exercise routine and diet control

Tags: Divya medohar vati, Medohar vati, Weight reduction, Ayurvedic medicines for obesity, Obesity, Baba Ramdev Medicines
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


As per your given details your BMI is 34.63 where you come under class I obesity where you are highly in risk for cardiac complaints and other systemic illness. Hence you need to be careful and keen in reducing excess body weight which may hamper your lifestyle.

With the help of combined therapies like alternative medicines and complimentary medicines and with proper diet plan you can achieve proper results. If there is any associated illness like thyroid complaints, that has to be mentioned clearly and treated accordingly.

Following proper diet and timings of food intake is important. You can split the food timings in short durations.

Avoid consuming excess oily foods, excess calorie intake, and regular physical exercises are very important. Include fibre rich food, leafy vegetables, and other vegetables like carrot, bitter gourd, cabbage, and fruits like water melon, apple juice etc, and fruit salads, and reduce the quantity of intake in night times. Yoga is very helpful for reducing weight. Sarvanagasana, and pranayama is very helpful if you can be able to perform.

Triphala churnam is also very useful medicine which can be used in different forms like consume with warm water and adding lemon 10 drops in it and consuming in morning empty stomach is very helpful or you can consume same powder with the following combination like Triphala 1 tsp, Honey 1 tsp, Aloevera 30 ml, can be consumed in morning is helpful.

Ayurvedic medicines for obesity are like Divya Medohar Vati and Ayurslim and you can use Amla Juice and Aloevera Honey

For any doubts, please feel free to ask.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

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posted by Dr.Vijay on 11 May 2010 14:37

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manniya sir mari umar 37 year chhe, mare 2 badako chhe, mari normal dilivary thai,pan mara pet no bhag vadhare dekhai chhe ane vajan padhi rahyu chhe [61 kg] maherbani kari koi upay bataye.

jaya patel

posted by Guest on 26 May 2012 15:50
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asked by nhbctr4 on 15 March 2010 8:23
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asked by bhatt d on 26 October 2010 20:15
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asked by nicks on 11 May 2012 9:50
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Dr.Vijay Says:- Hello, As you are suffering from thyroid problem since last 10 years, and as you are having tendency of reducing weight and swelling as you mentioned. So, with the help of ayruvedic medicines and natural remedies, you can control these factors and however, with the help of combined therapies and yoga and exercises. In ayurveda, we do treat according to Doshas or constituency and to enhance blood.. Read more

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Dr.Ramani Says:- The medicines for weight gain must be taken along proper healthy diet and including an exercise regimen. As your BMI is 39, it means that your weight falls in the class 2 Obesity range. It is necessary to take effective steps to reduce weight to avoid the health complications. Weight gain is commonly seen due to a family history and the possibility of hypothyroidism, insulin resistance or PCOD must be.. Read more

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