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Pancreatitis this question feed

ramm, 16 September 2018 15:01

16,male,pancreas attaccs 4 time in 3 years recently diagnosed,no treatement taken, serumamylase 899u/L serumlipase 966.4u/L pls. advice

Tags: Pancreatitis
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Serum amylase and serum lipase are elevated in pancreatitis. Hence medicines must be taken to reduce the inflammation of the pancreas. It will then reduce the elevation of the enzymes. Please continue with the regular checkups.

Ayurvedic medicines like Indukantha Kwath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily, Giloy ghan vati - two tablets before food twice daily, and Agastya Rasayanam - 1tsp after food twice daily can be taken for a month and then reviewed.

Include berries, ginger, licorice, turmeric, soups and coriander. Reduce excess oil, cold refrigerated foods, refined flour, meat, carbonated beverages, canned food, sugar, salt and spicy food. Try to eat cooked food, early supper and having frequent small meals during the day will be beneficial. Yogasanas like Shavasana, Navasana, Vajrasana, Padmasana, Siddhasana, Trikonasana and Siddhasana are beneficial. Pranayamam and meditation will be beneficial to reduce the stress and will support for a better metabolism.

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posted by Dr.Ramani on 20 September 2018 12:13

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Chronic pancreatitis

asked by kowsica on 15 June 2013 20:42
hi i am kowsi,my friend has chronic pancreatitis her age is 21,and she is in u.k for treatment.and doctors ther have said tat they cant help any is ther any treatment for her to cure her from this diseas..can u help me... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.George):- Dear friend, Wishes from my yog. Chronic pancreartitis is condition where there is a long standing inflammation of pancreas is present. It is clinically presented by pain in the abdomen and mal absorbtion of the food As the patient is not fit for any surgical procedures do the conservative management. Give her less fat containing food. Mostly veg food will be good for her Avoid spicy and.. Read more

Acute pancreatitis "cure"

asked by arnav@92 on 16 May 2016 5:00
I am a 24 year old guy. I suffered from an attack of acute pancreatitis about a month back. As for now I am not under any medication nor there is any kind of discomfort regarding my bowel and also free from any abdominal pain. My question is that, is there any permanant cure in Ayurveda for pancreatitis as a whole. And if so, what is/are those( preferrably medicines). Yours thankfully, Arnav... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- As with Ayurvedic medicine, there are medicines to heal the inflammation in the pancreas. But in acute pain, Ayurvedic medicines may not be efficient to reduce the pain. In that, you can always take Allopathy medicines. You can take Ayurvedic medicine for 3months and then reviewAyurvedic medicines like Trayantyadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water, Kaisora guggulu and Triphala Churna can be taken.. Read more

Acute Pancreatitis

asked by Ashok Kumar Prasad on 7 June 2016 11:54
age 38 years, gender male, marital status - married,non alcoholic. Dear Doctor, I am one of a Acute Pancreatitis Patient please suggest me what to eat, yogas and... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Acute pancreatitis with severe pain must be managed with allopathy medicines to reduce the pain. Please let me know the investigation reports to guide you further. Gall bladder stones, infections or high triglycerides are the common causes that cause pancreatitis. Symptoms like vomiting, nausea or abdominal pain may be seen. Healthy lifestyle changes will also help to manage the pain. Ayurvedic.. Read more

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Sir my name Davinder Sharma and me suffering from chronic pancreatitis pls suggest me any medicine in Ayurvedic... Read More
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Expert's Advice (Dr.Ramani):- Chronic pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas that lasts for a longer duration. It causes symptoms like vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and tiredness. It also affects the pancreatic juice that helps digestion and hence affects the metabolism. It is usually seen in gall stones, hepatocellular injury affecting the bile duct or infections. Please let me know all the investigation reports to.. Read more

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