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PCOD, irregular periods, Hair fall, hair greying, acne and facial hair this question feed

bitu, 28 August 2012 15:06

Doctor, i am 26 years old, female, unmarried. I have been suffering from PCOD problem since last 4-5 years. i have irregular and long periods. I consulted a gynecologist and have been taking the medicine Diane 35. As such my periods have come regular but i am having other problems like hair greying, hair fall, facial hair, acne. My hair greying and hair fall has been increasing day by day. also my facial hair specially on my chin is increasing. I also have regular throat problem like sour throat, severe throat pain and frequent cough and cold. Doctor, please provide solutions to my above mentioned problems.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello Madam,

PCOD is quite common in females who lead stressful life and irregular food habits and especially those who work in hectic environment where you do not get time to consume food in proper time. As you have consulted your gynecologist and having medication and as of now, you are suffering from PCOD related complaints such as premature grey hair, hair fall, and unwanted hair growth that is especially due to PCOD and cough and cold maybe due to low immunity. By considering all these factors, one should try to rectify the errors like modifying lifestyle, following proper timing of food intake. If you have stress and anxiety, manage it with practicing yoga and pranayama. Avoid consuming Junk foods outside. Reduce oil in cooking food. Be on plenty of liquid diet or semisolid diet and include fruits.

Following medicines such as Package Medicine that contains Divya Phalghrit, Divya Strirasayan vati, Divya Rajahpravartani vati, and Divya Kanchanar guggulu for internal usage. Trichup Hair Fall which are good for external use and you can use Divya Kesh Kanti are also helpful for preventing hair fall.

With regards,


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posted by Dr.Vijay on 5 September 2012 20:19

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