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Problem of Too Much hair Loss and Headache  this question feed

kunjan, 21 July 2010 20:24

Baba ji Ram-Ram, I am a 25 year old young boy working as Software Engineer since past 3 Years in Chandigarh. And my daily routine is that i can have an office hours upto 12 hours 3-4 times in a week.But I manage to go out for daily morning running.And i have maximum Sleep for 6 hours daily. As i belong to Brahmin family i Do not Eat Meat,Egg and Drink Wine.I just have 2-3 cups of tea in a Week. I am having some major problem in my life:

*There is great Hair Fall on both the side of my head and hence it has formed a 'V' Shape on my head

*I am usually having Headache 4-5 Times in a Week which occur on one or both side of My ForeHead.It starts from near mid of ears and happens on the Blood vein which goes to the forehead.

*And daily when i wake up daily i have sneezing 4-5 time in the morning.And apart from that i having dark circles too on my eyes .

Please help me out. Regards: Kunjan Sharma

Tags: Ayurvedic medicines for hair loss, Ayurvedic medicines for headache, Hair, Hairfall, Hair loss
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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-


In your query, you have mentioned mainly 3 complaints, such as premature hairfall, headache, and sneezing. These 3 symptoms are related to low immunity power and some symptoms of sinusitis problem and sinus headaches. Over all you can get cured from these complaints with long term treatments. If your working environment is air conditioned, then try avoid cold temperature. If there is any kind irregularities in nutrition, then you need to follow balanced nutrition. In order to increase immunity power, you need to consume some ayurvedic medicines, and other alternative therapies.

Regarding your hair fall too, you need to follow proper balanced diet and proper local hygiene.

Consume enough proteins, consume some yogurt, whole grains, nuts, soya beans, and milk.

Consume the foods that containing sulfur, zinc, vitamin-B complex, vitamin C and essential fatty acids etc.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals and many styling products to prevent hair loss.

Massage your hair with lavender oil, lavender oil has been proved to promote hair growth significantly.

Boil neem leaves in water, cool and strain this water.

Yoga and meditation: Vajrasana and Pawanmuktasana, suryanamaskar are helpful.

Medications: Divya Kesh Taila, Divya Amla Juice Headache Package Medicine is also useful.

For more details, you can contact us.

With regards, Dr.Vijay.

Pls. visit our store for Ayurvedic & Herbal Medicines
posted by Dr.Vijay on 23 July 2010 23:56

Latest Replies

Baba ji Ram age 23..There is great Hair Fall on both the side of my head and hence it has formed a 'U'Shape on my lack my hair on my head...and my father same hair problem..plz solve my problem and give a suggestion.

posted by Guest on 12 December 2015 22:29

mere hair baht jyada gir rahe h,ganjapan aa gaya h, bht jyada dandruff ho gai h kya karu,sharm mahsus hone lagi h, pls kuch suggest karo mujhe pls, hw can i remove ganjapan

posted by Guest on 18 October 2013 10:21

sir mere baal bhut he jyada tutte h or me ganja hota JA RHA HU hair fall hota h kafi gep hogya h balo me plz help me mere age 23sal h koy aaurvedik or garelu upay bata o plz

posted by Guest on 30 November 2012 0:04
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what is the herbal and ayurvedic treatment for hair loss... Read More
Expert's Advice (Dr.Ravinder):- You should apply DIVYA KESH TAILA on your skull and hair roots with gentle massage. After half an hour of massage, rinse the hairs with DIVYA KESH KANTI SHAMPOO. This medicated hair oil and shampoo help to prevent hair fall and strengthen hair roots. Divya kesh taila provides proper nutrition and strength to hairs to prevent baldness and premature graying of hairs. So use this oil and shampoo.. Read more

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Expert's Advice (Dr.Vijay):- Hello, Premature hair fall do occur due to many factors. Basically it may be hereditary, or due to organic factors such as diet irregularities, irregular food habits etc To prevent hair-fall, there are many methods for maintaining proper hair root strength. With the help of ayurvedic medicines, and other system of Indian medicines, we can prevent hairfall. If it is of hereditary, then it may be.. Read more

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